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by Angling International | Feb 11, 2015
angling_int_feb15_01Built to withstand direct ballistic impact, Wiley X eyewear offers unmatched safety in the field but with no compromise on style.

angling_int_feb15_02Military heritage & protection – the backbone of Wiley X

Built to withstand direct ballistic impact, Wiley X eyewear offers unmatched safety in the field but with no compromise on style.

There is no margin for error during life or death situations facing the military. The armed forces have to be sure their equipment is up to the job. This applies just as much to protective eyewear as anything else and is the reason why for more than 25 years US manufacturer Wiley X has been supplying armies and police forces across the world with its products. Quite simply they have been designed to guarantee the best chances of survival in the harshest of environments.

Wiley X transfers that attention to detail to every segment of the market that it operates within – meaning its fishing protective eyewear is in a class of its own.

Thomas Wæver, European Vice President and Director Outdoor Department, told Angling International: “Wiley X is the only premium performance eyewear manufacturer whose entire line is EN.166 and ANSI safety rated. Some of the models even meet or pass the US Military’s ballistic tests for impact – the most stringent in the world.”

To pass the ANSI high Velocity Impact/Vo Ballistic Tests frames and lenses must withstand the impact of a .25-inch diameter steel ball fired at 150 feet per second or .15 projectiles fired at 640-660 fps. Furthermore, all Wiley X models will also be tested to the ANSI High Mass Impact Test in which frames and lenses must withstand the weight of a 1.1lb (500g) pointed projectile dropped from a height of 50ins (1.27m).

To get the message across, the company’s party trick at fishing shows is to encourage visitors to its booth to attempt to smash a lens to pieces with a hammer. It promises anyone who is successful a free pair of glasses. To date, no free glasses have been given away.

“The protection offered across our entire line is what truly distinguishes Wiley X from all other premium sunglass manufacturers,” added Wæver. “The fact that we have been a leading provider of protective eyewear products to US armed forces, law enforcement agencies and other tactical users around the world is also an important part of our heritage and message.”

Superior protection does not come at the cost of style, comfort and performance. Wiley X sunglasses provide all wearers with innovative features and unique frame/lens combinations that deliver superior vision in real-world conditions. In addition, almost all Wiley X premium eyewear styles are prescription ready, providing a solution for those anglers who normally wear glasses.

Wiley X currently carries 36 different polarised fishing eyewear models that all feature a U-shape base curve. This wraparound allows the glasses to follow the contours of the face to eliminate glare as well as improving polarisation and reducing eye fatigue.

There are four different series within the Wiley X line-up: Climate Control, Active, Street and Changeable.

The Climate Control, which features the Removable Gasket System (Facial Cavity™ Seal) has been designed to take whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. The Active Series is described as protective eyewear that performs when the going gets tough. It includes rubber nose and/or temple grips on selected models to make sure they fit snugly.

The Street offers ‘streetwise’ good looks and crystal clear vision for most activities. The Changeable range features half frames that can be easily changed in the field to cater to changing light conditions.

Weaver added that the attributes are neatly summed up in Wiley X’s new marketing slogan – Absolute. Premium. Protection.

“It’s rare that you are able to capture the essence of a company and its products in three words, but we have achieved it with this tagline. When you say these three words – individually or collectively – you state the true definition of Wiley X,” he said.

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