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by Tackle Trade World | Mar 07, 2015
tackle_trade_world_mar15_01There’s a saying in business that you are only as good as the distributor you have in a particular region. TTW discovers how sunglasses brand Wiley X works with like minded partners to achieve their collective business goals.

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The International Wiley X family

There’s a saying in business that you are only as good as the distributor you have in a particular region. TTW discovers how sunglasses brand Wiley X works with like minded partners to achieve their collective business goals.

LEEDA, Mike Robinson, brand manager

Distributor since: 2014
“For us, working with Wiley X was an easy decision. They offer innovation that no other sunglasses manufacturer currently offers. The glasses also appeal to lots of other markets besides fishing, which is appealing for us, being owned by Madison.

Apart from offering total eye protection, they also look pretty cool when wearing them, which appeals to many fishermen. When we launched with them in the UK back in 2014, our customers embraced that the glasses offered total eye protection.

It’s very important Wiley X are proactive as we also have to focus on other brands we distribute. What I do like is they look at taking every opportunity available to help promote their products, and rarely miss any opportunities.”

CATCH WITH CARE AB, Leif Collin, managing director

Distributor since: 2012
“The match was perfect. We had been looking for top-of-the-line eyewear for some time and when we had the opportunity to work and distribute Wiley X it was perfect. Wiley X reflects our company in many ways. We only want to work with the best of the best and we will only sell high-quality products.

Wiley X is not just another pair of sunglasses, it is a protection as well. And we always need protection for our eyes – if a lure goes back or will be released in high speed at your eyes you know that Wiley X protects you.

Wiley X is very good on promotion over the borders and today, with all social media, it is very important that the promotion you do fits all markets. We are happy to be working with a proactive brand.”

SWAT FISHING, Christian Biereth, owner

Distributor since: 2014
“Our company’s philosophy is to make the world’s best fishing brands available to our markets. The main criterion for us is the quality. When I first saw the Wiley X sunglasses I was very impressed by the quality, style and amazing security features that make them truly unique. Wiley X and SWAT Fishing is a fitting combo because we share the same ideals.

One of our shops ordered a Wiley X with prescription lenses for a customer with very unusual face dimensions. We ordered his sunglasses with prescription lenses and Wiley X made the perfect eyewear for his needs. When the consumer received his sunglasses he was very impressed and more than happy. A few weeks later he sent us an e-mail stating that he tried many different brands, but never had anything coming close to the quality of his Wiley X.

We have a lot of anglers in our country. No matter what sort of fishing they prefer, it is necessary to have good visibility about what is going on under the surface. Combining this with some unique features – such as the removable gasket – great design and a top-end quality makes Wiley X unique, and we are glad that anglers quickly saw the benefits of buying and wearing them. Of course, the safety feature is very important, too. I think every angler has experienced a lure with hooks flying by just a few centimetres right or left of their head and Wiley X offers the perfect protection of something priceless – our eyesight. We are very happy with the communication with Wiley X Europe and also the knowledge they share with us so that we are able to explain these technical products to our markets. We are very happy with the support that they offer to grow the brand together.”

BLUE SPRINGS SRL, Dan Brauner, managing director

Distributor since: 2013
“Blue Springs distributes fishing tackle and equipment. The Wiley X items complete what we offer to our customers, providing them with a range of eyewear that features high-quality polarising lenses. The Italian fishing market needed a specialised eyewear line to protect the eyes from the danger of hooks and lures.

About 10 years ago when fishing from a boat, a jig flew at my eye. I was very lucky because the hook penetrated two centimetres above the pupil. We suggest all anglers fish with good-quality eyewear that offers genuine protection like Wiley X.

We had very good feedback following the recent Hollywood film American Sniper, which features one of the Wiley X eyewear models.

“We are also recording a series of videos for Sky Channel, which will broadcast from June 2015 and will feature Luca Quintavalla, very well-known Italian angler. He will be wearing Wiley X sunglasses and this will be a very important part of the video giving a good view of them, as in the film American Sniper.

Wiley X eyewear allows anglers to obtain a good fishing result, protecting their eyes with high-quality glasses and up-to-date designs.

It has also created a pro-team of anglers who test the eyewear and give direct testimonials.”

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