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by Shooting Sports Retailer | Dec 16, 2015
shooting_sports_retailer_dec2015_01Product Preview

shooting_sports_retailer_dec2015_02.1WILEY X REMINGTON
New glasses made by Wiley X and carrying the Remington brand come in serval versions intended for different shooters. They’re available in a more top-of-the-line Platinum package and a consumer-friendly Shooter line. Each one of the Platinum shooting glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 high-mass and high-velocity impact safety and optical standards, as well as EN 166 safety certification of OSHA-grade protection when shooting and hunting.

The Adult Platinum package includes five lens colors: smoke, clear, yellow, persimmon  and purple. The Female package includes smoke, clear, rose and yellow lenses, while the Youth/Jr. Kit includes smoke, clear and yellow lenses.

The Shooting line is available in Adult and Female frame styles providing ANSI Z87.1. and EN 166 safety ratings and 100 percent UV protection. Adult models are offered in a choice of black/green frame with either smoke lenses or clear lenses. Email model feature stylish gray/pink frames with smoke or clear lenses.

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