Thank you for helping me do my job and for protecting my eyes!

by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2008
tac_oct2008_sg1My name is Steve and I am a Canadian soldier. I am writing to you, to express my gratitude and satisfaction with your product. While in Afghanistan, the Wiley X SG-1 protected my eyes, on numerous occasions. I would like to share with you, a few short stories of situations in which your product saved my eyes. While serving on a seven month tour in Afghanistan, I received a pair of WileyX SG-1’s from a friend of who highly recommended them. As my tour went on I became a fan of the product and started recommending them to others. I liked that the glasses didn't fog up, kept the dust out, easily changed from dark to clear lenses and the lenses didn't scratch. These simple qualities are nothing, compared to what lied ahead. I was involved in a suicide vehicle born improvised explosive device. In the after math there were pieces of shrapnel and glass everywhere. I was exposed to the blast from the waist up and I received glass and shrapnel to the face, but thankfully the SG-1, despite the force of a huge explosion, remained on my face and saved my eyes. Everyone in my crew had been wearing eye protection goggles, but I was the only one who still had them on after the blast, as everyone else's had been taken off, from the force of the blast. As the tour went on we were involved in a second IED (Improvised Explosive Device). The IED was so large it destroyed the vehicle we were riding in. I suffered numerous injuries, but once again my SG-1 stayed in place and prevented debris from entering my eyes. Once again I was the only one to still have my protective eyewear on after a blast. As luck would have a little more than a month later I was involved in a third IED even bigger than the last. At the time of the explosion I was looking through my sight. My right eye bounced off it causing cuts all around my eye except for were my SG-1 goggles wear saving my eyes once again. For the third time I was the only one to keep my protective eyewear on. The injuries I sustained from this blast were enough to keep me from going on any more missions. I sustained fairly severe injuries from head to toe and aside from a black eye, my eyes were protected and I have no vision problems at all. It was important for me to send this letter to express my gratitude towards your product. I am a strong believer in your products and recommend them to everyone. I decided to retire the original pair that I had and buy a replacement pair. I felt that the first pair had been through enough and could use a break. Thank you so much for producing good quality products. I have no doubt that if I had been wearing any other type of eye protection, I would have likely had some eye damage, or even perhaps lost sight in my eyes. Thank you for helping me do my job and for protecting my eyes!
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