Tough doesn't come close to describing these glasses

by User Not Found | Dec 23, 2008
tac_dec2008_romerI am a Jet Engine Mechanic in the Military, and was issued a set of Romer IIs as safety glasses. Tough doesn't come close to describing these glasses. While I was making an adjustment to a running jet engine the fan exhaust ripped the Romers off my face. I shrugged and figured oh well there goes a good set of glasses and pressed on with the engine run. After about an hour we shut the jet down. When I was doing my post-run inspection I found the glasses clinging to a cable next to the engine's tailpipe. Needless to say, this is a very hot and windy(supersonic at times)area of the engine. To my shock, the frames were intact; albeit a little distorted and scuffed. We located one lens about 150 feet away at the wing tip; the other one was probably blown into the stratosphere after hitting the blast fence behind the jet! I was absolutely amazed that the amber lenses fit back in the frame, and with some light tweaking they fit back on my face. I am very active off-duty, and Wiley X will have a lifelong customer!
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