Thanks for all your support as always!

by User Not Found | May 01, 2011
tac_may2011_soldierHello, hope all is well at Wiley-X. I continue to see more and more guys wearing Wiley-X glasses and gloves. Bagram Air Base exchange has a great Wiley-X selection. I have been back here 17 months now and will stay through the fighting season to field a new biometric collection handheld device to get the IED makers off the roads in Regional Command-South. As you can see I am still wearing my Aries gloves and PT-3 glasses. They look good with the new OCP pattern and blend in well as you can see. The Aries will be great with the SEEK because it has a QWERTY keyboard that needs finger dexterity. Thanks for all your support as always!

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