JT Bagwell - Pro Bass Fisherman

by Wiley X Eyewear | Jun 09, 2017
JT Bagwell

JT Bagwell started bass fishing at a very young age and it became an obsession in grade school. As an adult, JT began competing in bass tournaments where he won multiple events, numerous Big Bass Awards, and a couple of Angler Of The Year titles.

In addition to his on the water prowess, JT began writing his column, Bagwell’s Bass Tactics, which is used on several websites and in print publications all over the world.

While taking a break from tournament fishing, JT now enjoys spending time on the water with his little fishing buddies (his sons) Luke and Lance Bagwell. He also continues to help anglers improve their skills by way of his columns, articles, in-store promos and instructional videos.

“I wear Wiley X eyewear for a few different reasons. First they offer superior eye protection. I only have one set of eyes and with Wiley X I don’t have to worry about losing them by getting a hook, a weight or any other flying object in the eye. Their Polarization is also phenomenal. I am able to see submerged bass holding targets, underwater hazards and even fish because of the Filter 8 Polarized lenses. Lastly, they just look super cool. Whether I am wearing WX Omegas on the water, WX Valors at the gun range, WX Saints in a deer stand or WX Moxys while strolling around town with my wife, they are all very fashionable and extremely functional.” - JT BAGWELL

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