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by Wiley X Europe | Jul 09, 2015
Wiley X, the world’s leadinng manufacturer of protective eyewear, is continuing its rapid global growth, with Lebanon...

wileyx_re-signs_wpc_winner_01.1Wiley X, the world’s leadinng manufacturer of protective eyewear, is continuing its rapid global growth, with Lebanon the latest country to join its distribution network. The company hasappointed highly reputable firm National Sports to become its exclusive distributor for thehunting, shooting and outdoor markets in Lebanon.

National Sports is the leading distributor in the Lebanese market and alongside its sistercompany National Ammunition, it offers only the highest quality of products, handpicked toaccommodate the hunting and outdoor markets in the country.

Wiley X will be a natural addition to the National Sports range as its hunting, shooting andoutdoor range offers the perfect package for the great outdoors with all models offering 100%UV protection, virtually unbreakable Triloid Nylon frames and shatterproof polycarbonate lensesand the option for RX ready prescription lenses.

Garo Babahekian, managing director of National sports explains: “Our company culture is aimedat providing the best of the best. Working with Wiley X will be an experience that bothcompanies will benefit from since Wiley X has a similar ideology when it comes to high qualityproducts. We believe that the guarantee of safety has no price. Wiley X has done an excellentjob in meeting and exceeding military grade testing’s. Wiley X products proves to be reliable aswell as stylish out in the field. We are confident that this will be the beginning of a long-termpartnership between National Sports & Wiley X. We have no doubt that in the coming yearsfantastic opportunities awaits us.

”Meanwhile the agreement is also seen as a landmark for Wiley X Europe as it continues toexpand all across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

European Vice President and OutdoorDirector, Thomas Wæver, explains: “Having put forward the goal of being the World’sleading eyewear manufacturer for thehunting/shooting markets as well as for thegreat outdoors, Wiley X has a fantastic growthin setting up new distributors all across theglobe. By signing with National Sports inLebanon, we have not only found a strategicbusiness partner in the region, but we have afantastic dedicated family owned company torepresent us in Lebanon. This is underlined bythe fact that when we signed the exclusivedistributor contract, all of the family waspresent.”

Thomas Wæver continues: ”Having been in business with National Sports for only a couple ofmonths – the company has already shown a fantastic grow potential – reaching our top 5 inbudget achievements. I look forward to the years ahead and to follow our growth in Lebanon.”

To learn more about Wiley X’s full line of advanced eyewear products — including dozens of new models for 2015 — visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore CA 94550 • Telephone: (800) 776-7842 •

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