I've even wore them to a wedding for crying out loud!

by User Not Found | Aug 01, 2006
tac_aug2006_romerI can not tell you guys enough how the Wiley-X brand of protective eyewear has grown to become the most respected eyewear of the US military. I am only on my third set because my friends liked them so much they asked if they could have them. I've been to Mosul, Iraq, Kuwait and everywhere in between and have seen so many soldiers wearing the Wiley-X brand of eyewear. It is truly the best. I was a machine gunner in a HMMV turret for 10 months in Iraq exposed to the elements at all times and not once did I need goggles. The Wiley-X Romer II's worked extremely well. I currently have two friends who are in Tikrit and Baghdad and they too swear by Wiley-X's! I have a $180.00 pair of your competitor's product that I received as a gift that do not come CLOSE to the comfort and the protection that this eyewear does, needless to say they are stored in a drawer. The Romer II's fit so well they can even be worn under a full-face motorcycle helmet. I've even wore them to a wedding for crying out loud! I am a Wiley-X advocate for life!!! Thank you! Regards,

SGT. Mark Warchal
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