I think you saved my son's sight

by User Not Found | Sep 01, 2006
tac_sept2006_sg1I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts. I think you saved my son's sight. My son was on a Marine operation near Baghdad on Sunday when the Humvee he was riding in took a direct hit from a very large missile or shell, used as an IED, on the roadside. The shell hit the Humvee from the right and underneath and created incredible havoc inside the vehicle. When he was able to talk to us, my son told us about his equipment. He said they think the IED was one of the biggest that the enemy has. The velocity of the shrapnel inside the Humvee was so great that holes were made right through the solid, bullet-proof, windshield. Yet, my son's eyes were saved by the Wiley X sunglasses he was wearing (SG-1). These sunglasses were issued by the military and were specially designed to be "ballistic" (I don't know what that means). The lens completely disintegrated into nothing, due to the force of the blast, but my son's eyes were unhurt. He is very grateful for that. It is not often given to us to know the good that I believe we do for others. Usually, we do a kind deed and pass on, hoping that we made a small difference and that world is just a little bit better for our efforts. What you do for our combat troops is altogether different. I hope you will take a moment today and realize that because of your work, some of our most beloved sons are alive and returned to us with their vision intact. As one of the families affected, I can tell you that you will have our everlasting gratitude. Sincerely, 

A Marine Corp Mom
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