When the front tire hit the dirt mound, "boom", we hit a pressure plate bomb

by User Not Found | Nov 01, 2006
tac_nov2006_humtac_nov2006_510On November 15th at approximately 0930 hrs, we answered a call on a reported PIED (possible improvised explosive device), in our sector of Fallujah Iraq. We combed the reported location in search of any thing unusual. Everything seemed normal, garbage every where. After an intersection, approximately 100 meters on the left lane, I noticed dirt mounds across the road, not to unusual for these are found every where. I saw tire tracks across the dirt and since I had to continue in the direction, followed the tracks. I looked at my watch, it was 10:22 Am., at the same time when the front tire hit the dirt mound, "boom", we hit a pressure plate bomb. The plate was rigged for a heavier weight than the average car; our vehicles weight around 4 tons. Debris and smoke filled the truck, my hand radio was in the vehicles visor, and it flew directly into my face, deflected by my Wiley X JP-2's. Some thing else hit the glasses, don't know what except that they where scuffed. As I exited the vehicle I could not put weight on my right leg, I was taken to the safety of the other vehicle as we waited for back-up units and a tow truck. The other 2 crew members suffered minor hearing problems as did I, one crew member; my gunner had a few scratches. Our vehicle was up-armored which no doubt saved all our lives.
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