Your gloves saved my life twice in the same day

by User Not Found | Aug 01, 2007
tac_aug2007_G231LAYour gloves saved my life twice in the same day. I had some COYOTE CAG-1s that I'd bought before a mission in Afghanistan and didn't think much of it. Long story short I ended up climbing down 2,200ft down a 9,000ft mountain at around a 60-80 degree grade with no rope or climbing gear and around 100lbs of tactical stuff. I ended up in a free slide and stopped about a foot from a 300ft drop. Only ONE of the 10 finger tips was torn off and I was clawing my way into that rock as best I could and was probably going a good 10mph at one point. It was so close I couldn't move or I'd have fallen and gone splat. Teammates had to drag my butt to safety with a human chain. Later I grabbed the wrong tree and did a flailing cartwheel into nothingness. Again I managed to snag onto a ledge in a free fall and even though I totally jacked my shoulder my hands stayed intact enough to maintain my grip and not fall. To add insult to injury a rock the size of my head flew by and tore my Wiley X protective goggles right off my face but left me without a scratch. Total wear on the gloves was 3 torn seams, one missing finger tip and a hole in the palm of one…Impressive gear!
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