There was no other eyewear to trust but my Wiley-Xs

by User Not Found | Nov 01, 2007
tac_nov2007_70I deployed for a second tour of duty to Afghanistan. Most of my military gear was issued by the US Army, with the exception of protective eye gear as they had ran out by the time I arrived in country. I went to the BX and bought myself a pair of Wiley-X protective gear. This was the best investment I had made in a long time. I wore the sunglasses everyday for over a year. The clarity, the looks and the quality of the eyeglasses were the best I had experienced in years. Without going into any particular details of my missions, the eyewear accompanied me to every mission I was responsible for. The eyewear performed with no flaws or issues. I returned to the US and found myself yet, on another deployment, this time to central Europe were some of the terrain and weather demanded the same level of eye protection from the inclement weather I experienced and got used to in Afghanistan. There was no other eyewear to trust but my Wiley-Xs.
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