Thank you for making such a high quality product

by User Not Found | Apr 01, 2008
mcycle_may2008_xl1_02On Saturday morning April 26, 2008 I was out for an early morning ride. I had a few rides to work and back during the week. I really felt like just riding for a few hours straight and a return home for lunch. I had just been riding for 7 or 8 miles when a dump truck towing a construction trailer with a excavator on it pulled out in front of me. I had to brake a little to give some distance while he was shifting gears to get up to the 35 to 40 mph speed limit. All of a sudden he hit a pot hole and all sorts of dirt and rocks fell off from the trailer. The next thing I knew it was just like someone had shot into the right lens of my XL-1’s with a bb or pellet gun. I was doing about 35 mph at the time. I could see on the lens that it had definitely left a mark. I was amazed the lens didn't break. When I was able to pull over and look at the lens there was a 1/4" clean cut in to the lens. I am quite sure that any other pair of glasses would have shattered. I feel lucky I don't wear cheap eye protection while riding. Thank you for making such a high quality product.

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