Those gloves are tough as nails!!!

by User Not Found | May 01, 2008
mcycle_may2008_cag1On the morning of 9 May 2008 on my way to work at 04:20, I crashed my motorcycle just two blocks from the house. This crash caused me to high side the motorcycle, launching me off the bike. I landed face first on the road with my body following very shortly after sliding for an unknown distance on my hands and face. The only body damage I received is road rash on my forearms arms, bruises on my legs and shoulders. The two items that saved me from a lot of injuries are a full faced helmet and my set of Wiley X CAG-1 gloves. These short leather gloves with reinforced knuckles kept my hands from hellish road rash. Those gloves are still in great shape and completely serviceable! I only wish I had on their TAG -1 gloves and that would have protected just below my wrist from the road rash I received. 

Thank you for making a great product! Those gloves are tough as nails!!! 

Kevin from Jacksonville, FL
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