I truly believe Wiley X is the reason for our reduction in eye injuries

by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2009
We have seen a significant reduction in eye injuries ( Dust in the eye). There are so many different styles of Wiley X to accommodate different face sizes. And give a great seal around people eyes. I truly believe Wiley X is the reason for our reduction in eye injuries. Not to mention the interchangeable parts. So you can fix what's broke and not have to throw the whole glasses away.Also the RX is a great feature, It allows our employees to get great protection around there eyes while wearing there prescription glasses. Another great feature is not having to change glasses when going from dark to sunny conditions. We us L/A lenses on all our models. I believe Wiley X is one of the best products out there for Eye Safety. The proof is the reduction in eye injuries. We are not the only location using them now. There has been a lot change over to Wiley X because they provide great Protection!! Thanks Wiley X for helping keep us safe in harsh work environment!!

Sincerely Christina, Cement Manufacturing Plant
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