Remarkably my Wiley X's were still completely intact and saved my eyesight

by User Not Found | Apr 01, 2012
tac_april2012_xl1.I am a Marine that was wounded in action on June 24, 2011 while serving combat operations in Afghanistan. On the morning of June 24, while running a patrol, we took contact and I stepped on a pressure plate which took my left leg. I had broken ribs, multiple shrapnel wounds to my lower body, a fractured left eye socket and traumatic brain injury. Although it was a violent blast, remarkably my Wiley X's were still completely intact and saved my eyesight. There was a combat photographer there that day when I was getting evacuated. He took pictures of me on the stretcher being carried off the battlefield still sporting my new Wiley X's that I had shipped to me in Afghanistan just a couple weeks earlier...Unfortunately while on the bird I lost consciousness and when I woke up a week or so later my Wiley X's were nowhere to be found... I just simply would like to thank you for making a product that is reliable, a product that saved my eye sight and a product that I will always recommend to my fellow Marines that must go back into combat zones. I thank you and my family does as well.

LCPL K Hanrahan
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