Your Wiley X Brick glasses took the impact and saved my face from being badly hurt

by User Not Found | Jul 01, 2012
mcycle_july2012_brickI have never written a letter like this. I am 63 years old, a past officer of the law and a veteran of the military, Vietnam 1969 and 1970. I recently retired as a manager from a large corporation after 27 years. 

I am not easily excited and impressed by products or services. I expect both as a customer. 

I have purchased your Wiley X glasses and used them as a motorcyclist. I have worn many types and styles of eyewear. I have been a motorcyclist for 51 years;, 1 Kawasaki, 2 Hondas, 14 Harley Davidson’s and additional motorcycles as a Police Officer. I have never worn a more comfortable or better performing pair of glasses. 

On July 28, 2012 I was with 29 other motorcyclists and involved in a personal injury accident. My Harley flipped 3 times, traveling 45 miles per hour. I was thrown from my Harley face first into the pavement. My knees, forearms and face were the first to impact. I was not wearing a helmet. Your Wiley X Brick glasses (upper left side) took the impact and saved my face from being badly hurt. The glasses are still useable, no damage to the frame. The glasses never came off. 

I am excited and impressed with your product. All of my friends, bikers, know your product now. My optician will know too when my next appointment comes up. 

Hastings, MI 
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