I Fell Off My Bike Head First Into Rocks

by Wiley X Eyewear | Feb 13, 2017

On 1/30/2017, I was riding my bike in the park with my daughter.  For reasons that are still sketchy to me, somehow our bikes collided and I fell head-first into rocks.  While I sustained bruising and cuts all around where the edge of the frame ended, my eye was unharmed.  You can see how my glasses were pushed up a little on impact, but not so far up that they weren’t still covering my eye.  I don’t know if the cuts are from the frame or from the rocks I fell into, but in either case, my eye was protected. 

I couldn’t get a really clear picture of the glasses due to reflection, but I’ve attached the best picture I could get.  The frame had a couple small pieces knocked out of it, and the lens had a deep gash on the front side…the gash was deep enough to create a ridge on the backside of the lens.     

Based on the location and depth of the lens gash, there is no doubt if I had not been wearing my safety glasses, or worse…had been wearing non-safety glasses, I would not have a right eye.  

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