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September 2012

I recently purchased your 'Brick' style sunglasses specifically for the impact protection the lenses provide. The first day in use, I was on a training day with my motor and dumped the bike in a turn. As I jumped free, my knee hit the windshield, which was fixed in place with plastic 'breakaway' bolts. The bolts did their job and broke to save the windshield, but the bolt heads flew all directions. One forcefully struck the lens of my glasses and was deflected, leaving a long scratch. Thanks for making a quality product and saving my eyeball.

Police Officer

July 2012

In 2008 I was stationed overseas during OIF/OEF with the U.S. Army. One afternoon we went on Patrol and my convoy was struck by a IED. I took some scrap metal to the face and since I was wearing my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) my vision was spared. During the event I was wearing a pair of Wiley X Glasses and if it was not for the quality of the eyewear I was wearing I could have lost my vision.

April 2012

SG-1 V-CUT I am a Marine that was wounded in action on June 24, 2011 while serving combat operations in Afghanistan. On the morning of June 24, while running a patrol, we took contact and I stepped on a pressure plate which took my left leg. I had broken ribs, multiple shrapnel wounds to my lower body, a fractured left eye socket and traumatic brain injury. Although it was a violent blast, remarkably my Wiley X's were still completely intact and saved my eyesight. There was a combat photographer there that day when I was getting evacuated. He took pictures of me on the stretcher being carried off the battlefield still sporting my new Wiley X's that I had shipped to me in Afghanistan just a couple weeks earlier...Unfortunately while on the bird I lost consciousness and when I woke up a week or so later my Wiley X's were nowhere to be found... I just simply would like to thank you for making a product that is reliable, a product that saved my eye sight and a product that I will always recommend to my fellow Marines that must go back into combat zones. I thank you and my family does as well. LCPL K Hanrahan

December 2011

On Dec. 4th 2006 I was was on a routine supply mission in the turret of my HMMWV when it was rocked by a 300# I.E.D. My right eardrum was blown out and perforated, I sustained a class 3 concussion/traumatic brain injury, and lots of frag to the right side of my face. Since I was wearing my WILEY X SG-1 goggles, not a single piece of shrapnel made its way into my eye. The lens was so pitted that I could no longer see through it. If I had not been wearing my SG-1 goggles, not only would I be blind, but the doctors at T.Q. Airbase said I would have lost my right eye entirely. THANK YOU WILEY X for making such a strong, awesome, and affordable product because I owe your company my ability to see. CPL. BAILEY B.M. USMC RET.”

October 2011                              Photo by Don Rose

Thank you for the opportunity to utilize the Wiley X Glasses (Saber Advanced) that Wiley X was so generous to support.

As a cyclist, I take extreme care in protecting my vision especially since having lost vision in my right eye from combat wounds. What impressed me most about the glasses were it's ability not to fog during raining and humid sessions during rides. This is important because I would of have to have removed my other glasses to see with the limited field of view that I have. I also like the wide protection across the eyes that the glasses have in this particular model. Protecting my eyes from rocks, bugs and the elements is crucial to me as a cyclist.

I have been training and racing with them since June and I feel they are a great addition to me gear.

Thank you for your support Wiley X

Chris Ayres
USMC Retired
Wounded in Line of Duty

October 2011                              Photo by Valerie McNary

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the Wiley-X Company for the great pair of sunglasses (Saber Advanced). I have been using them since the Para-Cycling Nationals in Augusta, Ga. Before I always had problems with trash, rain, and sweat getting in my eyes while cycling, but now I have no problem seeing. The glasses are great, I can’t say it enough. I had a pair when I was in Iraq and they work the same here as they did out there. I use them for everything I do. Mainly cycling because they fit perfect under my helmet and I have a choice of three different lenses. Again Thanks for the sunglasses that help me see from the start of the race to the finish of each race. I will never use another brand of sunglasses again. It’s a great thing Wiley-X has done by supporting us: PVA Racing Team.

Thank you,
Tim Conner
SGT/USMC Disabled Athlete

May 2011

Hello, hope all is well at Wiley-X. I continue to see more and more guys wearing Wiley-X glasses and gloves. Bagram Air Base exchange has a great Wiley-X selection. I have been back here 17 months now and will stay through the fighting season to field a new biometric collection handheld device to get the IED makers off the roads in Regional Command-South. As you can see I am still wearing my Aries gloves and PT-3 glasses. They look good with the new OCP pattern and blend in well as you can see. The Aries will be great with the SEEK because it has a QWERTY keyboard that needs finger dexterity. Thanks for all your support as always! - SGM Bob H

March 2011

I was working outside Najaf Iraq in 2009 as a PMC. We had been assigned to guard the barracks of a group of foreign construction workers. Around 10:00 in the morning we got a report of an unidentified vehicle approaching the gate. All personnel were told to man their post and standby. About the time I had got into my guard position, near the gate, the vehicle exploded. Suddenly from our left flank, small arms fire opened up. As I turned to engage the incoming fire, I felt a sharp slap on my head. My immediate reaction was that I had been shot, I put my hand up to my head expecting to see blood, but instead, I found my Wiley X Revolvrs had been knocked off my head. The shot had been at an angle and glanced off the side of the lenses, deflecting the bullet away from my head and eyes. Needless to say because of those Revolvrs, I am here today. Thanks Wiley X for making a quality product that does what it is designed to do. Steven S.

June 2010

I just wanted to send a note of thanks and praise for your superb quality line of safety glasses. As a Team Leader/Instructor of the Los Angeles Police Department, Underwater Dive Unit, it is my duty to make sure the team members are offered the best safety equipment available. Our divers spend many hours in the direct sunlight, on the water and subject to the sunlight reflections off the water. After trying several different manufactures of safety glasses/sunglasses, the unit is proud to recognize Wiley X Safety Glasses as the safety glasses of choice for the UDU. Your product was field tested, subjected to many different scenarios and came through with flying colors. Your glasses were tough, resilient, scratch resistant and have a stylish look. The Los Angeles Police Department, Underwater Dive Unit would like to say thanks again and would recommend your glasses to any organization that requires the best that are available. If you need anything further, please contact me. Thank you, Sergeant II David Mascarenas, Team Leader/Instructor, Los Angeles Police Department, Metropolitan Division, Underwater Dive Unit

February 2010

Your Aries gloves are “mission essential” equipment here in Afghanistan. The ability to have real “finger control” with the thumb, index, and middle finger is invaluable in operating our biometric collection devices and communications gear. The Aries provides great protection yet allows you to maintain” touch and feel” when operating systems that require same. Soldiers who now have the Aries glove want nothing else but the Aries glove. I have used WILEY-X products since 2003 and each deployment I am on your tactical glasses and gloves meet my needs for mission accomplishment. THANK YOU WILEY-X………! SGM, USA

July 2009

Your glasses saved my vision. I was traveling in a convoy headed west out of Baghdad when we were stopped by a road block. In just a few minutes we started receiving fire from the south side of the road and the vehicles in front of me were destroyed. I was trying to turn around when the glass in my vehicle exploded with gunfire. I was shot in the left leg, shattering my femur, but my glasses stayed intact through all of the flying glass and debris. The rubber trim helped to keep out the small stuff and although I had small cuts on my face, my eyes were in perfect shape. I didn't even have to worry about the blazing sun in my eyes while I was being evacuated. Too scratched up to wear them anymore. I still keep them as a reminder to always wear the best eye protection. Sincerely, Kevin S

June 2009

"I have flown the last six weeks using the Wiley X Orion Flight Gloves and absolutely enjoy them. They provide all the protection and specs as the government issued flyers gloves, but they are more lightweight and breathable in the 110 degree heat of Iraq. The Orion gloves have reinforced leather on the palm / meat of the hand and a smart full length leather wrapped around the fingertips. I believe the full leather tips is great for extending the life of the flight gloves since we constantly use our fingers to input data to the onboard systems and that’s the first thing to fail in our issued flight gloves. Overall, I’m very pleased with the Orion Flight Gloves and prefer to use them on missions." B.S.


I have used the Wiley X gloves, with removable knuckle (Wiley X Hybrid). They have proven to be versatile and reliable. I used them during weapons qual this weekend without the knuckle and they did not interfere at all. They actually provided a very good grip and I had no problem qualifying. I leave the removable knuckles in when I wear the gloves in the field and I can hardly tell that they are there. Good idea by the Wiley X company. Thanks for letting me use them. C.S. Jensen 2-108th IN

April 2009

As the breacher for our entry team, I wear the Wiley X CAG-1 gloves. During a training session this year, I was breaching a front door to an older vacant residence. During the breach, the door gave, and my hand broke through the glass. The hardened knuckles on the gloves saved my hand from being cut on the jagged glass. There was a scrape on the knuckles of the glove, and if I were not wearing them, I would have undoubtedly sustained some deep cuts to my hand. Thanks for making a product that saved my skin.

March 2009

I went to Afghanistan, was in a convoy and got ambushed. The insurgents shot an RPG into the back of our Hummvee which caused shrapnel to hit me in the head. Due to me wearing the PT1's none of the pieces hit my eyes. I'm recovering now from my wounds, but I just wanted to say thank you for those glasses. If I hadn't been wearing them I might have lost an eye. 1SG David

Romer II December 2008

I am a Jet Engine Mechanic in the Military, and was issued a set of Romer IIs as safety glasses. Tough doesn't come close to describing these glasses. While I was making an adjustment to a running jet engine the fan exhaust ripped the Romers off my face. I shrugged and figured oh well there goes a good set of glasses and pressed on with the engine run. After about an hour we shut the jet down. When I was doing my post-run inspection I found the glasses clinging to a cable next to the engine's tailpipe. Needless to say, this is a very hot and windy(supersonic at times)area of the engine. To my shock, the frames were intact; albeit a little distorted and scuffed. We located one lens about 150 feet away at the wing tip; the other one was probably blown into the stratosphere after hitting the blast fence behind the jet! I was absolutely amazed that the amber lenses fit back in the frame, and with some light tweaking they fit back on my face. I am very active off-duty, and Wiley X will have a lifelong customer!

Combat Assult Gloves October 2008

I've been impressed with how the gloves have performed. Since we've arrived in country I have not seen a single stitch break or any other signs of wear aside from getting dirty and scratched up.

The soldiers love the reinforced knuckles and find any excuse to test them out on anything. The gloves fit well and are comfortable as well.

So far I like these gloves more than any I've had in the past (probably about 5 different pairs). There is a lot of interest in the gloves from soldiers now I just need to convince higher to spend the money to get them for us. CPT T

SG-1 October 2008

My name is Steve and I am a Canadian soldier. I am writing to you, to express my gratitude and satisfaction with your product. While in Afghanistan, the Wiley X SG-1 protected my eyes, on numerous occasions. I would like to share with you, a few short stories of situations in which your product saved my eyes. While serving on a seven month tour in Afghanistan, I received a pair of WileyX SG-1’s from a friend of who highly recommended them. As my tour went on I became a fan of the product and started recommending them to others. I liked that the glasses didn't fog up, kept the dust out, easily changed from dark to clear lenses and the lenses didn't scratch. These simple qualities are nothing, compared to what lied ahead. I was involved in a suicide vehicle born improvised explosive device. In the after math there were pieces of shrapnel and glass everywhere. I was exposed to the blast from the waist up and I received glass and shrapnel to the face, but thankfully the SG-1, despite the force of a huge explosion, remained on my face and saved my eyes. Everyone in my crew had been wearing eye protection goggles, but I was the only one who still had them on after the blast, as everyone else's had been taken off, from the force of the blast. As the tour went on we were involved in a second IED (Improvised Explosive Device). The IED was so large it destroyed the vehicle we were riding in. I suffered numerous injuries, but once again my SG-1 stayed in place and prevented debris from entering my eyes. Once again I was the only one to still have my protective eyewear on after a blast. As luck would have a little more than a month later I was involved in a third IED even bigger than the last. At the time of the explosion I was looking through my sight. My right eye bounced off it causing cuts all around my eye except for were my SG-1 goggles wear saving my eyes once again. For the third time I was the only one to keep my protective eyewear on. The injuries I sustained from this blast were enough to keep me from going on any more missions. I sustained fairly severe injuries from head to toe and aside from a black eye, my eyes were protected and I have no vision problems at all. It was important for me to send this letter to express my gratitude towards your product. I am a strong believer in your products and recommend them to everyone. I decided to retire the original pair that I had and buy a replacement pair. I felt that the first pair had been through enough and could use a break. Thank you so much for producing good quality products. I have no doubt that if I had been wearing any other type of eye protection, I would have likely had some eye damage, or even perhaps lost sight in my eyes. Thank you for helping me do my job and for protecting my eyes!

P-17 September 2008

Im a Sgt. with the Florence Police Dept. Florence, Al. I was struck in the right eye by brass being extracted by a long gun while training. I had on Wiley x sunglasses and they saved me from being injured no doubt. Love your product. Thanks.

G-EYE July 2008

The G-Eye is the best ballistic eyewear I have every used. Crystal clear FOV (field of vision) for 180%. The G-eye provides unmatched sight-lineament and sight picture for downrange accuracy. The G-Eye’s ability to resist scratches and smudges while at the same time providing comfort and unparalleled protection makes the G-Eye the best Ballistic eye wear n the market. TSgt Alverson

Black CAG-1 Gloves July 2008

These are, without a doubt the toughest gloves I have worn. I have been on approximately 30 narcotics warrants with these and 10 or so SWAT practices and they have really held together. In the heat down here, it is easy for gloves to become saturated with sweat and then hard. Once they get hard they seem to break down pretty quickly. My Wiley X gloves have really held up and are still going. Officer James E. Henderson, Garland Police Department

SG-1 V-CUT April 2008

I am writing to tell you about the great success that my Wiley X goggles provided me in Iraq. I started serving in Iraq in late 2003 to 2005. I first used various types of glasses and goggles in the desert during combat operations. My operations took me in and out of armored vehicles and Blackhawk helicopters almost every day. I finally traded some of my personal stuff for a pair of Wiley X glasses. It was a dream come true. I used these every day. These glasses did not fog up in the HMMWV’s and in the helos when the temperature got above 100 degrees. They were comfortable and were easy to take on and off with a Kevlar helmet. You even get a great storage case with the product. As I provided personal security for top level dignitaries in Iraq from U.S. Congressmen to Prime Ministers and top level military generals, I was always on the move in and out of buildings, up armored vehicles and helos. These glasses also never got scratched even as many times as I dropped them in helos and vehicles. I started getting these for all my soldiers. I personally saw where the ballistics properties of these glasses saved a soldier’s eyes during an IED blast. I continued to use this one pair of Wily X glasses for a year after my deployment to Iraq. I loved these glasses. They were a dream. I have since lost my pair of glasses while I was boating on the lake. I even wear them wakeboarding!

Anyway, I tried on your glasses at the conference and they are even more comfortable that I even imagined. You have improved them even today!

What would it take to get your best pair of glasses again to make my life complete and again live the dream? Thanks. LTC Doug

April 2008

I would just like to spend some time to thank you for such tremendous products. Currently I am stationed in Iraq and me and my squad use your products all the time. From eyewear to gloves, I have to say that WileyX is above the rest. Thank you for your time and support. SSG Chris

Romer II December 2007

Several years ago I was a police officer and was introduced to Wiley X products through a fellow trainee in the academy who was personal friends with a high ranking member of your staff. I purchased my first products then and enjoyed the quality and customer service I received. Since then I have been a Wiley X customer and unofficial spokesperson to other fellow officers. On 12/18/2007 I was responding to a death investigation crime scene and was hit nearly head on by a civilian driver while on duty. At the time of the collision I was wearing my Romer II's and they protected my eyes from a spray of glass from the side vehicle windows. The glass was traveling so fast that fragments and chips embedded into the lens of the glasses, and my face but my eyes were safe thanks to my Wiley's. I'm sure you guys have received other stories of "saves" by your product that were much more dramatic, but definitely no more appreciated than mine. Thank you for our support of law enforcement and for making such a quality product. Detective Joseph

November 2007

Dear Wiley X, I am currently deployed to Iraq. During a fire fight I was wounded, getting shot in the hand by an AK-47 round. Thankfully I was wearing your CAG-1 gloves. After the mission I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor told me that if I had not been wearing your gloves that I would have lost my whole hand when instead I just got tissue and ligament damage. Thank you for your product, it saved my hand and allowed me to (after a large amount of healing time) continue the fight over here. Thank you again Andy


SG-1 V-CUT November 2007

I deployed for a second tour of duty to Afghanistan. Most of my military gear was issued by the US Army, with the exception of protective eye gear as they had ran out by the time I arrived in country. I went to the BX and bought myself a pair of Wiley-X protective gear. This was the best investment I had made in a long time. I wore the sunglasses everyday for over a year. The clarity, the looks and the quality of the eyeglasses were the best I had experienced in years. Without going into any particular details of my missions, the eyewear accompanied me to every mission I was responsible for. The eyewear performed with no flaws or issues. I returned to the US and found myself yet, on another deployment, this time to central Europe were some of the terrain and weather demanded the same level of eye protection from the inclement weather I experienced and got used to in Afghanistan. There was no other eyewear to trust but my Wiley-Xs.

September 2007

I wanted to share an experience that I had here in Iraq and why I am a loyal Wiley X customer from now on. On September 26th, I was on a routine patrol in West Rashid, when my HMMWV was attacked by insurgents who initiated an Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) at us. My vehicle was hit very badly (eventually totaled) and all 5 occupants suffered injuries. I got pieces of shrapnel in my face and neck. The picture may not do the SG-1’s justice, but the right lens did exactly what your folks designed it to do. Your product kept the small pieces of shrapnel out of my eye as well as deflecting a larger piece. Either of which would have resulted in my story being very different as I write to you today with full use of my sight. Please pass this onto the great folks at Wiley X. I want them to know that the work they do is very, very important to soldiers everywhere and now extra special for me. Thanks a million!!!!! MAJ WILLIAM L. (Airborne)


XL-1 September 2007

I and my unit were attempting to apprehend a felon. He hit me in his stolen van. When I was stuck I was wearing the XL-1s, I suffered among other things multiple fractures on my head including a broken orbit, top and bottom on my right eye. When I came out of my coma my partner gave me some of my personal belongings which included your glasses. They were still covered in blood, when I washed then in the sink they had a gouge in the right glass. I think that they saved my eye. Now with the light adjusting lens I wear them all the time. So again thank you and keep producing your great gear. Jeffrey, Police Department Crime Reduction Unit

SG-1 August 2007

I received a phone call from the police officers in charge of the Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake’s affected area. They said that they'd purchased your SG-1’s through us and their officers have been wearing them since immediately after the earthquake hit, going out to rescue people. These men and women are working very hard to save lives and maintain order at the site, in the terrible wreckage of collapsed buildings and thick cloud of dust. They went out of their way to call me to thank us, because the SG-1’s helped them keep clear a view to discover the residents crying for help and also it helped to protect their eyes from the dangerous debris. So I thought it was my duty, on behalf of these policemen and the disaster victims and Japan, to send you a big THANK YOU!!!

Foliage CAG-1 August 2007

Your gloves saved my life twice in the same day. I had some COYOTE CAG-1s that I'd bought before a mission in Afghanistan and didn't think much of it. Long story short I ended up climbing down 2,200ft down a 9,000ft mountain at around a 60-80 degree grade with no rope or climbing gear and around 100lbs of tactical stuff. I ended up in a free slide and stopped about a foot from a 300ft drop. Only ONE of the 10 finger tips was torn off and I was clawing my way into that rock as best I could and was probably going a good 10mph at one point. It was so close I couldn't move or I'd have fallen and gone splat. Teammates had to drag my butt to safety with a human chain. Later I grabbed the wrong tree and did a flailing cartwheel into nothingness. Again I managed to snag onto a ledge in a free fall and even though I totally jacked my shoulder my hands stayed intact enough to maintain my grip and not fall. To add insult to injury a rock the size of my head flew by and tore my Wiley X protective goggles right off my face but left me without a scratch. Total wear on the gloves was 3 torn seams, one missing finger tip and a hole in the palm of one…Impressive gear!

May 2007

I was able to try out the Wiley X nomex gloves (CAG-1) during a series of training exercises while operating in Camp Williams, Utah. The training was over the course of several days and involved CSAR and Fast Rope training.

The two unique features to these gloves that appealed to me most, prior to even wearing them, was the short/wrist length and the knuckle protectors. I am accustomed to using the nomex gloves and these gloves had the typical feel of nomex but they did not have the full length that often gets looses around the wrist and interferes with finger dexterity. I could tell that the ability to tighten around the wrist with the same leather palm was going to be a great added feature. I especially liked the knuckle protector. Some gloves use padding, however, the plastic knuckle protectors looked solid.

As in all CSAR operations in a helo, a lot of time is spent on the cold floor of the A/C. Either sitting or kneeling, or leaning out of the bird can lead to your hands getting cold, or you knees getting sore. The gloves worked great and I often found myself leaning on my knuckle to get up and down as I moved around the A/C. I wondered if I the knuckle protectors would get in the way if I had to fast rope in to reach any potential survivors in a ‘No Land’ Helo scenario.


Foliage CAG-1
I was happy to see that the gloves fit snugly underneath my fast rope gloves (white leather work gloves) and did not impede my abilities in any manner.

CONCLUSION: There were no limitations provided by the knuckle protectors, in fact, I truly like them and feel they are an excellent edition to a classic NOMEX design. I really like the wrist length glove, especially because I often find myself taking my gloves on and off frequently coupled with the desire for a snug fitting pair of gloves. Sincerely, A 19th Special Forces Group Operator

May 2007

Before 2004 I never would wear a pair of sunglasses. Then the Army gave me my first pair of Wiley X sunglasses. Wiley X is not just a pair of sunglasses it’s a lifestyle. I really felt that every pair was made just for me, by people that cared about my safety. As long as Wiley X is in business the others don't stand a chance at making it. Thank You and Everybody at Wiley X for doing such a great job for us. SPC Christopher D.

May 2007

I had the PT-1 glasses on for about 5 hours straight. I have worn several well known shooting glasses and found the PT-1 glasses the most comfortable I have ever worn. I found that the PT-1 glasses offer superior eye protection coupled with comfort and flexibility that goes along with the interchangeable lens system. The PT-1s provided me the eye protection I needed and providing me a crystal clear view through the sight of my M4 without failure. I can say this with all sincerity, the PT-1s are superior to any other system I have used and will never wear anything else.

The gloves, hands down, are far and away better than other top brands. The design, material, fit, and function surpass the other popular two models available. I have been passing the CAG gloves around the Team, and there is a consensus that the Wiley X CAG gloves are the best available. PO Aaron R. Springer
Black CAG-1

November 2006

On November 15th at approximately 0930 hrs, we answered a call on a reported PIED (possible improvised explosive device), in our sector of Fallujah Iraq. We combed the reported location in search of any thing unusual. Everything seemed normal, garbage every where. After an intersection, approximately 100 meters on the left lane, I noticed dirt mounds across the road, not to unusual for these are found every where. I saw tire tracks across the dirt and since I had to continue in the direction, followed the tracks. I looked at my watch, it was 10:22 Am., at the same time when the front tire hit the dirt mound, "boom", we hit a pressure plate bomb. The plate was rigged for a heavier weight than the average car; our vehicles weight around 4 tons. Debris and smoke filled the truck, my hand radio was in the vehicles visor, and it flew directly into my face, deflected by my Wiley X JP-2's. Some thing else hit the glasses, don't know what except that they where scuffed. As I exited the vehicle I could not put weight on my right leg, I was taken to the safety of the other vehicle as we waited for back-up units and a tow truck. The other 2 crew members suffered minor hearing problems as did I, one crew member; my gunner had a few scratches. Our vehicle was up-armored which no doubt saved all our lives.

PT-1 December 2006

While in Baghdad we were hit by an EFP. Our gunner took shrapnel in the arm and face. The concussion of the explosion was strong enough to break his orbital eye socket. One piece of shrapnel penetrated the PT-1 lens but not all the way through. The Wiley X PT-1s pretty much saved his eyes, which he is very happy about. Thanks Rob Rumfelt IPLO

Romer II August 2006

I can not tell you guys enough how the Wiley-X brand of protective eyewear has grown to become the most respected eyewear of the US military. I am only on my third set because my friends liked them so much they asked if they could have them. I've been to Mosul, Iraq, Kuwait and everywhere in between and have seen so many soldiers wearing the Wiley-X brand of eyewear. It is truly the best. I was a machine gunner in a HMMV turret for 10 months in Iraq exposed to the elements at all times and not once did I need goggles. The Wiley-X Romer II's worked extremely well. I currently have two friends who are in Tikrit and Baghdad and they too swear by Wiley-X's! I have a $180.00 pair of your competitor's product that I received as a gift that do not come CLOSE to the comfort and the protection that this eyewear does, needless to say they are stored in a drawer. The Romer II's fit so well they can even be worn under a full-face motorcycle helmet. I've even wore them to a wedding for crying out loud! I am a Wiley-X advocate for life!!! Thank you! Regards, SGT. Mark Warchal

October 2006

I work as an independent contractor and have been in Iraq for the past 2+ years. One of the first items I bought before coming here was a pair of SG-1's. These were the second most expensive sunglasses that I ever bought, but thought that the extra protection they provided may prove useful. Last November 14th, 2005, my vehicle was hit with an IED. Being seated behind the driver in a shooter roll I did not have anything between my eyes and the blast (which was approximately 20 feet away) except your SG-1's. While suffering moderate injuries, including burns and shrapnel to my entire face, I was pleased to see that I had white rings around my eyes from where your SG-1's absorbed the force of the blast--saving my eyes. While in the hospital in Balad Iraq, I was asked if the staff could take a picture of my injuries to show what wearing proper eye protection could do. I was more than happy to have that picture taken, hoping that it could save more people from the injuries I would have received if not for your product. It was far and away the best money that I ever spent and upon returning to Iraq, my first purchase was another pair of SG-1's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your product. Sincerely, Jim

CAG-1 September 2006

To the Wiley X Company, I'd like to congratulate you on making a wonderful product in the CAG-1 gloves. During my recent deployment to Mosul, Iraq I wore a pair of these gloves and always felt confident that my hands were protected and comfortable in a fantastic product. I would also like to sincerely thank you for developing them as if I had not purchased and worn them religiously on-duty I would have broken every metacarpal bone in my left hand. During a convoy operation we lowered a tailgate on a vehicle, when my SSgt went to close and latch it back up he did not first check that all hands were clear. My left hand received a nice bruise but not broken bones as the molded plastic knuckle guard absorbed the entire crushing force as he slammed the tailgate shut right on my hand. I have no doubt that I owe my hand to the design and use of your product and thank you for delivering such a wonderful item. Cheers! Corey Ringhisen, Capt, USAF Convoy Cdr, 172 & 3-2 SBCT S5 403d Civil Affairs Battalion Mosul, Iraq

SG-1 V-CUT July 2006

Recently I bought a pair of your SG-1 V-Cut goggles to take to Afghanistan during a operational tour. I would like to say that they were the best glasses I have worn for Military type activities and I will never hesitate to encourage other people to purchase the glasses. John from Sydney Australia

INK September 2006

I would like people to here what great eyewear your company produces for soldiers on the battlefield. I strongly recommend any of your products. Your product (INK) has saved and protected my vision and without it I could have lost my vision. Thanks for keeping me in the fight and making a great product. CPL. RUIZ, SHANE

SG-1 October 2006

I would have to say that the WileyX glasses definitely saved my eyes. I had shrapnel in my arm and face but the glasses protected my eyes...I swear by the product (SG-1) and still wear them today. Take care, Mike

SG-1 September 2004

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts. I think you saved my son's sight. My son was on a Marine operation near Baghdad on Sunday when the Humvee he was riding in took a direct hit from a very large missile or shell, used as an IED, on the roadside. The shell hit the Humvee from the right and underneath and created incredible havoc inside the vehicle. When he was able to talk to us, my son told us about his equipment. He said they think the IED was one of the biggest that the enemy has. The velocity of the shrapnel inside the Humvee was so great that holes were made right through the solid, bullet-proof, windshield. Yet, my son's eyes were saved by the Wiley X sunglasses he was wearing (SG-1). These sunglasses were issued by the military and were specially designed to be "ballistic" (I don't know what that means). The lens completely disintegrated into nothing, due to the force of the blast, but my son's eyes were unhurt. He is very grateful for that. It is not often given to us to know the good that I believe we do for others. Usually, we do a kind deed and pass on, hoping that we made a small difference and that world is just a little bit better for our efforts. What you do for our combat troops is altogether different. I hope you will take a moment today and realize that because of your work, some of our most beloved sons are alive and returned to us with their vision intact. As one of the families affected, I can tell you that you will have our everlasting gratitude. Sincerely, A Marine Corp Mom