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A self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl,” Cara Harper, grew up hunting beside her father. She learned everything she knows, including navigating the woods and swampy, flooded hunting grounds of Arkansas from him. No matter the season, they were out looking for any species they were allowed to hunt. As a daughter of a guide, she was taught at a young age the importance of only hunting for what they’re going to eat. This led to her passion for wetland and waterfowl conservation. Cara wants to ensure that one day, her children will be able share in her passion for duck hunting.

She graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture business public relations. Her commitment to conservation led her to joining the team at Duck’s Unlimited as a co-host. Although she coveted her position with Duck’s Unlimited, Cara eventually switched paths and joined Eukanuba. She works as a field reporter and social media manager for their Super Retriever series events. The move to Eukanuba strongly aligns with her deep-seeded love for retrievers. She and her husband, Grant, breed hunting retriever champions and master hunters through their business, Homegrown Harper.

Cara recently gave birth to their son during hunting season. While it may have temporarily delayed her favorite activity, his birth didn’t halt her passion for hunting. “I love feeding my family from start to finish,” she says. “From scouting for hours before the season opens, finding and successfully harvesting that game and cleaning then cooking the meat to feed my family. It’s the freshest meat available” And her son is along for the ride. In true family tradition, whether they’re hunting, fishing or just enjoying time outdoors, he’s with them.




Little Rock, AR


Former co-host for Ducks Unlimited


Bow hunting elk


Public lands in Colorado


Fitness, conservation, and anything outdoors

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