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John Deshauteurs is a devout Christian. He and his three siblings were raised to dedicate themselves to the bible. One of four children, John and his family spent up to three days a week in the church, attending service and bible study. He was homeschooled and spent his free time with family and friends from the neighborhood and church. John worked in law enforcement, in a shipyard and at a credit union but his dream job was becoming a pro-fisherman. He committed himself to fishing. If he couldn’t be on the water, he was watching it.

He began pursuing his passion for fishing and content creation by producing videos on a GoPro. This led to his alignment with Jackson Adventures, a well-established leader in the creation of kayaks and compelling content for on the water adventures. Standup fishing on a kayak is John’s game. “99% of my content is related to first timers and beginner kayakers,” John says. He instructs on how to rig safely and cranking and flipping techniques. His standpoint tutorials are extremely informative and help those who are interested try something new. “It’s a matter of feeling comfortable and confident on your kayak,” he says. “You can do everything you can on boat on kayak.” But that only goes one way. “If I had to pick one over the other, I’d choose a kayak. In a boat you can’t reach the thirsty fish in tight spaces or with too much noise. It’s the only way I go fishing.”

John is married with two sons. The Deshauteurs family follows tradition by joining their family in worship and dedication to Christ. They do everything they can together from biking and hiking their way through different states and their parks.



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