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John Hunter NemechekJohn Hunter NemechekJohn Hunter Nemechek


John Hunter Nemecheck first got behind the wheel of a go-kart at age three and started racing cars at five. By 19, he was racing professionally. John Hunter is no stranger to spending time on the racetrack. His father, professional NASCAR driver, Joe Nemecheck had his son on the track at two weeks old. John Hunter had the advantage of seeing how things move behind the scenes, how people work together and how much work goes into the cars. “I learned a lot from just being at the racetrack,” John Hunter says. “I think one of the coolest things are the relationships that were made at such a young age from being at the racetrack with my dad. There are so many valuable questions you can go ask the guys who have a notebook full of experience, you can pick their brain. They are like family and now I’m racing against them. It's been a unique experience.”

John Hunter has been a leading racer within the NASCAR World Truck Series. He enjoys the competitive and aggressive atmosphere found within truck racing. He has had the biggest wins of his career in the truck series with 11 career Camping World Truck Series wins.

John Hunter and his wife have one daughter. Following his father’s lead, John Hunter brought her to the racetrack for the first time when she was just over a week old. “I actually won that race,” he says. “She got to go to Victory Lane on her first visit. That was a really special moment.” During his very infrequent downtime, John Hunter and his family spend time at the lake and playing in the snow in Aspen.




Mooresville, NC


11 career Camping World Truck Series wins


Mountain biking, snowboarding



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