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Within 15 minutes of his first kayaking experience, Nick fell in love with the sport and knew it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. His parents, who raised their kids to be huge outdoor enthusiasts, were very supportive of his passion for kayaking. At the age of 16, they allowed him to travel alone and abroad for competitions and to take a semester off from school to further pursue his passion. During that time, he traveled and learned to compete with his mentor, four-time world kayaking champion, Eric Jackson. At 18, Nick’s tireless work to become a professional kayaker earned him a third in the world championship men division.

Today, family is his entire world. Nick, his wife Emily and their two children are constantly on the water at their homes in Colorado and Tennessee. As a sort of rite of passage, their children both had their first flat water kayaking experience a day before their first birthdays, followed by mild river runs beginning at age of three.

Nick continues to compete, as do his children, both separately and in class II and III races and as a family. “I find as much enjoyment in doing family races as class V races. It’s about being in the outdoors. I love pushing myself and my limits but at the same point, I love getting out on easier stuff with my family just as much.” Nick spends 300+ days a year paddling around in the states as well as abroad, when given the opportunity. The majority of that time is with his family.




Beachburg, ON. Canada


World Freestyle Kayak Champion


Climbing, biking, skiing, snowboarding


Berkley PowerBait, the General


Ottawa, Alseseca, Zambezi

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