Scott Ashmore



Scott Ashmore grew up with a family of fisherman. He, his cousins, and grandpa would head out to the lake to fish and frequently end up staying out for a week or two. The cousins would take turns competing for the biggest fish, then run to show their grandfather to share in the excitement. But fishing isn’t his only talent. Scott’s family raised Morgan horses and he traveled across the country showing them. He went to college for cabinet making and built electronic displays for Remington and Bushnell During his downtime he fished as often as possible.

“And that's kind of how you get there,” Scott says. “You practice more and go after whatever fish are there. You can get trapped in the mindset of expectation versus fishing. Going through the motions and making decisions to try different things helps you to continue to grow. Fishing is always changing, and you never stop learning.” After five years of Major League Fishing, Scott remains humble and a bit superstitious. “I can’t say I'm a professional fisherman because I'll go broke.”

Scott has been married for 25 years; they have one daughter together. They built a home on three-acres with a pond, that he populated with 60 large-mouth bass and bluegills. The kicker, he can fish from his deck. The pond has presented a source of food, entertainment, and education. Scott has been tasked with sustaining enough bluegills to spawn in an environment with little cover, while providing a meal for the bass in a pond. A challenge which he’s excited to undertake. He’s turned part of his garage into a mancave with a big screen TV. With an acreage, a pond and his hangout spot in the garage. Scott’s home is his sanctuary, he has everything he needs there and his plans include enjoying as much time at home as possible.




Broken Arrow, OK


Qualified for Bassmaster Classic and MLF cups


Smoking and grill meats


Hollow Body Frog


Top water


Lake Oneida

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