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Track and Tradition

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Visions of Confidence


Hunter and chef Jeremiah was faced with a challenge. A rare allergy to bovine fat became the catalyst that changed his life. Creating delicious meals from wild game was expected. What he didn’t expect were the extreme reactions and opportunities his journey would create along the way.

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“I didn’t know why my body was rejecting food. Every time I would eat something, I would get sick.”

Respect is a core value for Jeremiah. Even when people post negative or threatening comments, he makes an effort to engage and listen. He invites critics to join him and observe his respect for the animals and the food.

jeremiah walking

Creating delicious meals from wild game requires a deep knowledge of the meat characteristics, proper preparation and how to pair it with other ingredients to enhance the natural flavors.

sausage and veggies

“For me, it becomes almost an obsession to create the perfect dish. To create something that looks as good as it tastes, and tastes as good as it looks.”

“A single ingredient changed
my life for the better.”


“For me, my food is my art. It becomes a passion of mine. Every aspect of the meal is touched by my hand. We gotta smell our food. We gotta hear the fire crackling. We gotta taste incredible, beautiful ingredients. And by utilizing your hands, we used all of our senses in a meal.”

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“Every road that ends starts a new adventure. Crossing under the fence to create a new beginning and a new life.”

- Jeremiah Doughty

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