Changeable Eyewear for Law Enforcement Officers

Eye Safety, No Matter the Scenario 

When your job is to protect others, extended shifts are standard. Long shifts mean dealing with constant changes lighting. Conditions from dawn to the brightest light midday to dusk into evening require a variety of options in order to reduce fatigue, block out the sun and protect your eyes. However, keeping track of multiple pairs of glasses while there are more important things on the line can create a distraction, detouring you from your task at hand. 

Law Enforcement Focused Eyewear 

Changeable eyewear offers LEOs the versatility to switch lenses based on lighting conditions, whether it be a quick transition from outside to inside or on the range where lighting can be unpredictable and quickly shift from bright to overcast. Quality glasses provide protection as well as complete functionality and clarity. 

Designed to be worn any time of day, whatever the conditions, changeable eyewear provides streamlined protection in your constantly changing surroundings. The ideal changeable eyewear will offer lens colors that optimize lighting conditions. Each color is specifically suited to enhance and improve visual clarity depending on the setting and task at hand.  

Perfect Vision in Changing Conditions 

Clear lenses are perfect in dark conditions, when you don’t want colored tints affecting your vision. They are also handy when you don’t need a tint on their lenses but still need to utilize their protective qualities during situations that have debris, elemental dangers or extracting someone from a car using the jaws of life.  

Yellow-based lenses shield your team from glare and scattered blue light, while also offering good indoor quality. SWAT teams, sheriffs and U.S. Marshalls are all responsible for serving warrants and apprehending fugitives, which often results in them having to enter houses and buildings. Lenses with a light rust tint offer a seamless transition when moving quickly from outside to inside.  

Gray lenses reduce glare and work well on cloudy and sunny days. Sunglasses with grey-tinted lenses have anti-fatigue benefits, making them a perfect addition to officers on patrol or during long distance transports.  

 With multiple lens options, a single set of changeable eyewear can easily be configured for any work environment. The right changeable eyewear can help you adapt to transitioning lighting conditions without sacrificing protection from high-velocity objects and blunt force impacts. Many of the changeable protective eyewear on the market can be used on and off duty, as they are designed to resemble a regular pair of sunglasses. Changeable eyewear allows your unit to safely focus on what matters most.