Avoiding Eye Injuries on Oil Rigs

Oil workers are surrounded by constant danger. Work-related injuries are 49% higher in oil and gas than all other US industries combined. Every task requires protective eyewear. Regular eyeglasses don’t cut it and a face shield is not enough. Your crew deserves high-quality eyewear with a multitude of protective aspects. Selecting glasses that fit the workers’ face properly and comfortably encourages the use of protective eyewear.  

Hazards Faced by Oil Workers 

Working around flying chains and alongside rapidly moving heavy machinery poses a serious risk to the sight of oil workers. It doesn’t end there; sparks, flying debris, water on the floorboards and liquids from dripping pipes present danger to vision as well. Heavy winds and unexpected changes in weather further add to the potential of eye injury. Distracting glare from bright light can interfere with a worker’s field of vision. Visual distractions create a safety risk when moving quickly around heavy equipment. 

Safety Glasses for Oil Industry Workers 

The proper protective eyewear will be ANSI-rated, prescription ready and available in sunglasses, high-wrap frames and safety googles. Removeable facial cavity seals and side shields provide security around the entire eye from particles, splashes and projectiles. The lenses should be made of lightweight, durable, shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Other lens features such as anti-fog and the ability slick away liquids with ease also keep oil workers safe. Choosing frames with an adjustable nosepiece ensures a secure and comfortable fit. 

When working with drilling rigs, wells and refineries, safety is a top priority. Oil is one the most dangerous industries one can work in. Employees work in tight quarters, with flammable elements, moving pieces and heavy machinery. Creating focused safety programs, guidelines and premium PPE enables oil workers to confidently focus on the task at hand and not their eyewear. Durable, well-fitting safety glasses also promote employee compliance and job satisfaction.