Wiley X was founded on a commitment to protect, and we apply the same uncompromising spirit to building each Wiley X lens. Our lenses are made from Selenite™ polycarbonate and are ANSI compliant, ensuring crisper, more precise optics, enhanced color contrast, minimized distortion, and visual accuracy. Continuing to innovate, tirelessly improving, and developing technologies to provide unmatched clarity in every lens built is what we do. From our Polarized CAPTIVATE™ lenses to our everyday lenses, the premium Selenite™ polycarbonate we use provides premium protection and style.

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  1. WX Sleek Grey Silver Flash Lenses
    Wx Sleek Replacement Lenses
    From $30.00 - $37.00
  2. WX Detection Orange Lens
    WX Detection Replacement Lenses
  3. Blue Mirror Lenses
    WX Ozone Replacement Lenses
    From $31.00 - $103.00
  4. WX Censor Polarized Grey Lenses
    WX Censor Replacement Lenses
  5. Mystique CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Lenses
    Mystique Replacement Lenses
    From $27.00 - $90.00
  6. WX Enzo Grey Lenses
    WX Enzo Replacement Lenses
    From $30.00 - $31.00
  7. WX Kobe Polarized Venice Gold Mirror Lenses
    WX Kobe Replacement Lenses
    From $37.00 - $76.00
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