Wiley X is the leading provider of protective eyewear for outdoor sports and adventure, military, and industrial safety. Decades of innovation and refinement, has kept us true to our purpose, prioritizing protection, optical precision, durability, and fit, while meeting or surpassing industry safety standards.

The Wiley X Ambassador Program was established to better connect with people out in the field who benefit from our product and can share the Wiley X story. Our ambassadors are a primary way to showcase our brand through real-life situations and experiences and for us to get detailed feedback on our product's performance. Our ambassadors range from NASCAR drivers and MLF fishermen to anyone working or enjoying the great outdoors in harsh conditions and environments. In fact, we’ve become the go-to brand for anyone looking for premium, effective eye protection without sacrificing design and fit.

We love the inspiring and informative content our Wiley X ambassadors create, and the loyal following they garner through sharing their passions as both peers and influencers. We’d like to hear from you to see how well we match up, and to explore the opportunities for partnering with you in the future.

Ambassador Benefits

  • AvantLink Affiliate Program
  • Generous Supply of Product
  • Prescription Eyewear
  • Cross-Promotional Programs
  • Profile on Wiley X Website
  • Video Marketing Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing Support