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Following in his father NASCAR legend Ward Burton’s footsteps, Jeb Burton knew he wanted to race cars at a very young age. He started his racing at age 12 and racing professionally at 16. His opportunity to take it a step further and make a career out if it began in 2012 when participated in one of NASCAR’s premier series. Since, he has raced in 57 races over the last 8 years. His first career win at Talladega Superspeedway qualified him to participate in the 2021 playoffs.

His father continues to be an influential figure throughout Jeb’s life. He is very involved and dedicates much of his free time to the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation. The foundation currently has around 10,000 acres they’ve protected through conservation easements. “The foundation will go in and buy the land, somebody is selling to prevent development, protecting the land and the wildlife who live on it,” Jeb says. Another area of focus within the foundation is the American Heroes Veterans Outreach Program. The program has recently purchased a property to serve as a permanent venue for veteran-related events and has housing to provide veteran’s and family members in need. The foundation has a partnership with the National Guard.

Jeb shares his life with his wife and a dog. Together, they created their outdoors inspired YouTube series, Crossroads with the Burtons. The goal is to show people on the importance of conservation and having a good time outdoors with family and friends. The videos cover a range of subjects from controlled burns, hunting and cooking with freshly harvested game and building a fire in three minutes scattered in with clips from Jeb’s races His plans include having a super successful year on the track.




Halifax, VA


AG-Pro 300 Winner


Meditation, fishing and working on the farm




Chevrolet Camaro

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