Your Frames Matter More Than You Think

Your Frames Matter More Than You Think 

Cheap sunglasses may look similar to some of the nicer sunglasses but that doesn’t mean they’re made with the same high-quality materials or manufacturing standards. Low-end sunglasses are notorious for being recalled and removed from the market for containing lead paint and other toxic substances. They scratch easily, break and are poorly assembled. Lower price generally means lower quality from fit to finish. 


  • Comfort. The comfortability of your frames matters. Your frames should be lightweight and fit your face. Off the rack sunglasses follow a one-size-fits-all model which is less likely to fit comfortably and complement your face shape. Poorly fitted eyewear can lead to headaches, blurred vision and eyestrain.
  • Materials. When you purchase sunglasses produced in a factory that strives for quantity over quality you should expect inferior materials. UV rays can bleach cheap plastic frames causing discoloration. Aluminum frames snap easily. Metal frames containing nickel alloy can alter the pigment of your skin while causing irritation.
  • Protection. Your glasses can protect you. Some glasses are designed to take a hit, many are not. Frequently, low-quality glasses are designed without protection in mind. Zero protection upon impact can mean damage to your eyes, face or head, not just your glasses.  
  • Style. How a pair of sunglasses look is often why some select them. A good pair of glasses can spark confidence within yourself. While style may be important, feeling good is equally so. Eyewear wear should feel great and protect you while looking good. 


High-quality frames are out there, you just have to know where to look. Wiley X glasses are made with patent technology and high-quality materials. 

  • Wiley X frames are designed to help you look good during any event in your active lifestyle. They are lightweight, resilient and come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate every face shape and size. 
  • Wiley X sunglass frames are made of Triloid Nylon and have endured some of the harshest environments. They are created to withstand blunt force impacts and are virtually unbreakable. Customers have reported their frames being run over by moving vehicles while remaining intact and usable.  
  • High-wrap frames, facial cavity and side shields are additional accessories offered by Wiley X for maximum protection.  

    Wiley X frames are produced in an environment that focuses on quality. All the glasses from Wiley X are lightweight for all day comfort, durable, ANSI-rated for protection and built to alleviate eye fatigue. They are ready for whatever your day throws at them.