Eye Safety Essentials for CMV Drivers

Eye Safety Essentials For CMV Drivers

Being a commercial motor vehicle driver is challenging and demanding. It is a skill requiring drivers to maintain focus in diverse situations while working upwards of 11 hours a day. Remaining alert at all times is an important factor in remaining a safe driver. Being able to see clearly, day or night, can mean the difference between life in death when delivering materials at a jobsite or loading dock. 

Eye-Related Obstacles CMV Drivers Face

  • According to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, there are around 119,000 commercial trucks accidents yearly, with over 5,000 of them causing fatality. A leading contributor to these accidents is fatigue. Eyestrain from driving for lengthy periods of time is a contributing factor to one’s overall fatigue. 
  • Glare from bright sunlight reflecting off black asphalt, snow and metal also causes the eyes to strain. This disrupts the drivers’ field of vision, making it difficult to see road signs, hazards, cars, and pedestrians.  
  • Misaligned optics found within cheap sunglasses can alter the way light enters the eye, exposing the eyes to bright ultraviolet rays. This can cause squinting or even temporary blindness, which forces the muscles in the eyes and face to work overtime, creating fatigue within the body. Fatigued drivers mean less attentive drivers and unsafe conditions. 
  • Dust, dirt, and other particles in the air can enter the eye causing immediate irritation and distraction.
  • Wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time can cause squinting and dry eyes, along with discharge, infections, ulcers, and pinkeye. 

Premium Quality Sunglasses are an Effective Solution 

  • 100% UV protection should be the standard. This blocks all the UV light rays that could enter the eyes causing damage from radiation.  
  • Polarized lenses ideal for driving during the day. They are designed to prevent glare from directly hitting the eye while intensifying depth perception and clarity.  
  • Sunglasses with changeable lenses provide a variety of lens tints options. A driver can easily switch lens colors to optimize their vision for any time of the day and every lighting situation.  
  • High-wrap frames provide better coverage for the entire field of vision. Additional accessories such as removeable facial cavity seals and side shields block any particles from entering the eye.  
  • Prescription eyewear is a better and safer option than contacts when it comes to driving for extended periods of time. Prescription eyewear does not blur or dry out the eyes.  

The eye health of drivers should be a massive priority. CMV drivers deal with dangers on the road every day. Impeccable visibility allows them to act accordingly when dangerous situations arise. Selecting eyewear that offers protection, clarity, and fights fatigue, allows CMV drivers to perform at their best and safely avert avoidable trucking accidents.