Preventing Eye Injuries on Construction Sites

Construction is a massive and dangerous industry. Injuries are prominent on the construction site. It is estimated by OSHA that only 34% of building construction workers wear safety glasses, consequently 1,000 eye injuries occur daily. Not wearing the proper protective eyewear or wearing PPE incorrectly are the main reasons for these injuries. Safety eyewear for construction workers must fit securely, be multi-functional and ready for sudden changes in weather and worksite conditions.

Negligence and misuse of PPE can have dangerous consequences. Construction workers face flying debris, wood, dirt, metal, nails, sparks, varying weather patterns and exposure to UV rays. ANSI-rated glasses, protect workers from high-mass and high-velocity impacts and offer direct protection from any number of elements being thrown at construction workers daily. The potential for an accident or injury is enormous.

The selection of PPE for construction workers should be a vigorous one. Frames with exceptional durability, comfort and fit, matter. High-wrap frames curve around the side of the eyes for a sleeker look while blocking out the elements. With so few construction workers using the proper PPE, every incentive for personal safety and comfort counts. Quality polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, shatterproof, and filter 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. Polarized lenses block glare, reduce eyestrain, and enhance visual clarity. Removeable facial cavity seals and side shields provide additional protection from wind, micro-dust or airborne contaminants.

Educating workers on the importance of proper safety eyewear can mitigate the risks they face daily. Premium quality PPE is one the one of the most cost-effective methods to keep workers safe without limiting their mobility or productivity.

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