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Protection has always been the core of what we do. Decades of innovation and refinement have kept us at the forefront of our industry, and true to our purpose. We employ the most advanced technologies and equipment available to prioritize protection, optical precision, durability, and fit while surpassing the standards for impact safety and lens clarity.

This dedication is how we ensure our products inspire confidence in everyone who wears them – regardless of your pursuit and in spite of whatever you encounter. Our unwillingness to compromise has always defined us. Our commitment to your protection will always differentiate us.




Safeguarding active individuals inspires us in everything we do.


Our products inspire the people who wear them to pursue life with enthusiasm, without fear of injury.


We are constantly inventing new and better solutions.


We are strongest when we are united in our effort together.


The future of the company is determined by the actions of each of us.



At Wiley X, we believe that surrounding ourselves with diverse, enthusiastic people who are curious and industrious by nature creates an environment we all can thrive in. This is why inviting people to join our team is such an important process for us. We want to get to know you, and for you to know us too, so we can all look forward to a satisfying and successful future.

We are a family-owned and -operated business that has built our company, our brand, and our reputation on our commitment to creating premium products that deliver uncompromising protection. But inside our corporate walls, Wiley X is more than that. We’re a fun, passionate, innovative, and perseverent group of individuals, in collective pursuit of being the best protective eyewear brand in the world. We’re dedicated to our team, our partnerships, and the markets we serve. And—maybe most of all—we’re creators, thinkers, and doers who are engaged with our expansive community of like-minded adventurers who inspire us every day.


- Anthony C

“I’m proud to know the effort I put in cutting lenses is ensuring our team correctly assembles eyewear that is protecting those who protect us, like the soldiers, police officers and the department fire.”


- Kathy F

“Wiley X is still family-owned and that’s huge. Everyone is within reach and opinions matter.”


- Tanya H

“I like what Wiley X stands for and that it is a US veteran founded, family-owned company. It doesn't fit the vibe of a super stiff corporate environment. The owners and management care about the employees.”


- Heather L

“There is an open-door policy for comments, concerns and suggestions. I’ve had family members pass away or needed time off work for personal issues and I’ve always had great support from management.”


We take care of our team.

Financial Health

To help you plan for future financial goals, Wiley X offers competitive pay and a 401k retirement plan.

Rest and Recovery

Being awesome is hard work, so we believe in the power of downtime. We offer 11 paid holidays and PTO to use for rest, recovery, or revelry.

Health and Wellness

Everyone wants to be at the top of their game. We offer robust medical, dental, and vision plans to help you stay there.

Giving Back

We’re passionate about helping those who help others. We’re always looking for opportunities to give back and we encourage our team to join us.