Carry The Load

Charity Partner


Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL’s, Clint Bruce and Stephen Holly, founded Carry The Load in 2011 with a clear mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. Over a decade later, the veteran founded non-profit remains true to their mission while expanding their cause to raise awareness, promote healing, and gather funds to support veterans, first responders and their families through their Continuum of Care program. Built upon the strategic collaboration with corporations and non-profits, Carry The Load’s Continuum of Care program partners with organizations focused on supporting challenges our military, veterans, first responders and their families face every day. Wiley X is a proud sponsor of the 2023 Carry The Load Dallas Memorial March and is honored to be a part of the Carry The Load Continuum of Care family. Wiley X CEO, Dan Freeman, communicated the importance of honoring our nation’s heroes in a recent interview with Kevin Reese, WFAA reporter. Dan also shared how the mission Carry The Load strives to accomplish aligns well with Wiley X’s heritage and honors the legacy Dan’s father and Wiley X founder, U.S. Army Veteran Myles Freeman Sr, built during the interview.

You can donate to support the mission HERE.

Carry The Load works to bring all Americans together to participate in honoring and remembering our nation’s heroes, every day. Started in 2011 by two Navy SEAL’s with the mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. This veteran-founded organization has grown to include over 234,377 participants spread across all 50 states and has raised more than $38 million that goes towards their three programs: Awareness, Continuum of Care and Education.

"The success that we have today is because of those men and women that serve our country as well as first responders that served our country and serve our communities," Wiley X CEO Dan Freeman.