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OpTempo high caliber firearms and tactical training OpTempo high caliber firearms and tactical training OpTempo high caliber firearms and tactical training


Marine Corps. Veteran, Matt Harden, founded OP Tempo Training Group with the goal of filling a gap he experienced as a law enforcement officer. He explained, “We were tasked with operations that we didn’t have formalized training to complete. The trainings we offer at OP Tempo are what I would of like to of had when I was in the thick of it.”. Programs are led by industry experts and focus on providing officers with up front training that helps them be more successful on the job.  

OP Tempo trainers utilize extensive tactical and combat operations experience to curate programs that better prepare law enforcement officers for the field. In addition to being experts in their respective disciplines, OP Tempo trainers are also active-duty law enforcement professionals armed with firsthand knowledge of the scenarios and situations first responders encounter in the line of duty. Offering trainings directed by active-duty officers ensures that programs are relevant with the rapidly evolving landscape first responders face day in and day out.  

Founded with the goal of increasing the success of law enforcement operations, OP Tempo Training Group provides first responders with industry leading training programs they can utilize while performing their jobs. This veteran owned and operated organization also offers active shooter programs to hospitals and schools, as well as firearms training classes focused on weapons safety, increasing proficiency, and building confidence.    

"People do not rise to the occasion; people revert to their training"