As a company that specializes in high wrap sport and safety eyewear, we’re committed to ensuring anyone who wears a prescription in a Wiley X frame experiences distortion-free clarity and can trust that their eyes will be protected. We’ve spent decades innovating and refining our technology to ensure that every pair of prescription glasses we build inspires confidence in everyone who wears them.

Our proprietary Digiforce™ technology digitally maps your prescription to fit your frame selection and unique facial measurements, completely customized to fit your lifestyle and prescription needs. Every Authentic Wiley X prescription comes etched with a WX in the lens to ensure your eyewear has been tested to uncompromising standards for protection and clarity.

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  1. WX Epic Eyeglasses Matte Black Frames
    WX Epic
  2. WorkSight WX Axis Eyeglasses
    WX Axis
  3. WX Fierce, Front Left Side, Dark Silver and Red
    WX Fierce
  4. WX Agile Youth Glasses Matte Black Frames
    WX Agile
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