Oil and gas workers face a massive amount of personal safety challenges, especially when it comes to their eyes. Work-related injuries are 49% higher in the oil and gas industry than for all US industries combined. Wiley X lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Eyewear stamped with ANSI Z78.1+ offers the highest level of protection against heavy objects flying at fast speeds and is the gold standard for safety eyewear. Built for the most rugged conditions.

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  1. WX Contend
    WX Contend
  2. Black Ignite
    WX Ignite
  3. WX Enzo
    WX Enzo
  4. WX Boss CCBOS03 Front Left Clear
    WX Boss
  5. WX Gravity
    WX Gravity
  6. WX Breach Sunglasses
    WX Breach
    From $120.00 - $206.00
  7. Romer 3
    Romer 3
    From $98.00 - $108.00