CAPTIVATE lenses are perfect for spotting fowl and big game in watery landscapes, on the plains, in the mountains and in expansive forests. These lenses are replaceable and evenly distribute colors on days starting bright and sunny turned cloudy and rainy.

All Wiley X eyewear is exceptionally clear, shatterproof and ANSI Z87.1+. ANSI-rated eyewear is certified to protect the eye from high-speed projectiles.

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  1. Saber Advanced
    Saber Advanced
    From $46.00 - $82.00
  2. P-17CGM Best Fishing Sunglasses
    From $103.00 - $185.00
  3. WX Valor
    WX Valor
    From $88.00 - $155.00
  4. WX Twisted
    WX Twisted
    From $103.00 - $185.00