The unique color enhancing technology found in Wiley X’s Polarized CAPTIVATE™ lenses can mean the difference between spotting a large fish hidden in aquatic vegetation and missing what could have been the catch of the day. They are designed to filter light and enhance vision with vivid detail and vibrant contrast.

Our high performance lenses are polarized to block glare and come in multiple colors for situation-specific benefits. They are exceptionally clear, shatterproof and ANSI Z87.1+ rated, providing premium protection.

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Looking for the best-polarized fishing sunglasses? Here at Wiley X, we sell a range of different styles to choose from. Read on to find out more about the benefits of polarized fishing sunglasses and how to choose the perfect pair.


If you have ever gone fishing on a sunny day before, you may already know how much of a nuisance sun glare can be. This is when sunlight reflects off of the waves on the water, often having an intense blinding effect. Not only can it give you sore eyes, but you will likely find it more difficult to spot fish.

Polarized fishing sunglasses are designed to help filter out glare from the water. They can protect your eyes and make it easier to see clearly what is in the water. This can help you to make that catch of the day that you may have otherwise missed!


Polarized sunglasses have a thin chemical film on them. This film helps to filter out horizontal light - the type of light that is reflected off of the water. At the same, vertical light is allowed to pass through, so you have still got a clear vision of what’s in front of you.

There are a few different tints and colors that you choose from. These different tints and colors can help to filter out various levels of light suitable for different environments.


There are many environments where you may want to wear polarized sunglasses. They can help to reduce glare caused by sunlight on snow when skiing and they can help reduce glare produced by cars when driving on a sunny day. However, in most situations, you should not just opt for a generic pair of polarized sunglasses, as they may not be suitable for that environment.

Therefore it’s good to focus on polarized sunglasses that are designed specifically for fishing. Such sunglasses are designed to filter out glare on the water as opposed to general glare. The best-polarized fishing sunglasses will use innovative filter technology to achieve this.


It is important to consider which color and tint are right for you. The different colors and tints aren’t just a style feature - they can have an impact on the type of light colors that are filtered out. As a result, certain colors and tints can be better for fishing at certain times of the day or fishing in certain weather conditions.
So just what options are there? A few of the most common lens options include:

Blue mirrors
Green mirrors
Gray mirrors
Gray silver mirrors
Copper mirrors

Blue lenses are ideal for fishing in open water on a clear day. They are designed to block out intense sunlight reflections.
Green mirror lenses are similarly good for dealing with bright full sun. However, they are much better suited for fishing by or on the shore - whether it be the sea, a river, or a lake.

Gray and gray-silver lenses are ideal for fishing on cloudy and overcast days when glare is not so intense but can still be a nuisance. They can be used in open water or when fishing by the shore/in-land.
Copper and yellowish tints tend to be better suited for low lighting. They are good options when fishing at dusk or at dawn.


At Wiley X, you are guaranteed top-quality sunglasses. All of our models meet ANSI 787.1 safety standards. This means that they are able to withstand high-velocity impacts (they won’t break or harm you if exposed to impact), plus they offer good UV protection to keep your eyes safe from retina damage.
Our sunglasses also offer great visibility. While some sunglasses can make things too dark to see, our polarized fishing glasses will allow you to still see into the depths of the water so that you do not miss any fish.

On top of this, our sunglasses are also built for comfort. Some of our models come with features like facial cavity seals, which can help to prevent irritation from wind, dust, or pollen.

As you can see here on our site, our polarized fishing sunglasses come in a range of styles. We recommend taking a look through our inventory to find the perfect style for you. Do not forget to also check out some of our other styles of sunglasses suitable for other activities.