Thank you for your support wiley x

Thank you for the opportunity to utilize the Wiley X Glasses (Saber Advanced) that Wiley X was so generous to support. As a cyclist, I take extreme care in protecting my vision especially since having lost vision in my right eye from combat wounds. What impressed me most about the glasses were it's ability not to fog during raining and humid sessions during rides. This is important because I would of have to have removed my other glasses to see with the limited field of view that I have. I also like the wide protection across the eyes that the glasses have in this particular model. Protecting my eyes from rocks, bugs and the elements is crucial to me as a cyclist. I have been training and racing with them since June and I feel they are a great addition . . .

Chris Ayres

Thank you wiley x for making such a strong, awesome, and affordable product

On Dec. 4th 2006 I was was on a routine supply mission in the turret of my HMMWV when it was rocked by a 300# I.E.D. My right eardrum was blown out and perforated, I sustained a class 3 concussion/traumatic brain injury, and lots of frag to the right side of my face. Since I was wearing my WILEY X SG-1 goggles, not a single piece of shrapnel made its way into my eye. The lens was so pitted that I could no longer see through it. If I had not been wearing my SG-1 goggles, not only would I be blind, but the doctors at T.Q. Airbase said I would have lost my right eye entirely. THANK YOU WILEY X . . .


If it was not for the quality of the eyewear I was wearing I could have lost my vision

I recently purchased your 'Brick' style sunglasses specifically for the impact protection the lenses provide. The first day in use, I was on a training day with my motor and dumped the bike in a turn. As I jumped free, my knee hit the windshield, which was fixed in place with plastic 'breakaway' bolts. The bolts did their jrob and broke to save the windshield, but the bolt heads flew all directions. One forcefully struck the lens of my glasses and was deflected, leaving a long scratch. Thanks for making a quality product and saving my eyeball.

johnny myers

It’s a great thing wiley-x has done by supporting us: pva racing team

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the Wiley-X Company for the great pair of sunglasses (Saber Advanced). I have been using them since the Para-Cycling Nationals in Augusta, Ga. Before I always had problems with trash, rain, and sweat getting in my eyes while cycling, but now I have no problem seeing. The glasses are great, I can’t say it enough. I had a pair when I was in Iraq and they work the same here as they did out there. I use them for everything I do. Mainly cycling because they fit perfect under my helmet and I have a choice of three different lenses. Again Thanks for the sunglasses that help me see from the start of . . .

timothy conner

I fell off my bike head first into rocks

On 1/30/2017, I was riding my bike in the park with my daughter. For reasons that are still sketchy to me, somehow our bikes collided and I fell head-first into rocks. While I sustained bruising and cuts all around where the edge of the frame ended, my eye was unharmed. You can see how my glasses were pushed up a little on impact, but not so far up that they weren’t still covering my eye. I don’t know if the cuts are from the frame or from the rocks I fell into, but in either case, my eye was protected.

micheal moore