Up Your Bird Hunting Game with Cara Harper 

Up Your Bird Hunting Game with Cara Harper Rewrite

Bird hunting is in Cara Harper’s blood. No matter how deep into her memories she looks, she finds days spent hunting with her father. Cara is a professional hunter. She has made a name in the hunting industry as a co-host for Ducks Unlimited TV and a field reporter for Eukanuba's Super Retriever Series events.

Cara and her husband, Grant have taken hunting to a new level with their Labrador training business and hunting blog, Homegrown Harper. Working with bird dogs, scouting, practicing calls and physical conditioning; she dedicates much of her time to bird hunting. Cara thinks a great pair of glasses should be included on that list because choosing cheap sunglasses can affect your hunt.


  • The wrong lenses throw off enough glare for birds to spot you from miles away.
  • Polarized lenses without color-enhancing features can make it difficult to discern your prey from other objects in nature.
  • Not calling or missing shots due to glare from blinding sunlight.
  • Eyewear without changeable lenses means bulking up your gear by carrying multiple pairs of glasses.
  • They lack proper protection.


CAPTIVATE lenses are a color-enhancing, polarized technology benefiting every unique environment. “They’re great when you have to shoot directly into the sun,” Cara says. “Once, when hunting while the sun was low, the birds shifted quickly, I had to swing my gun to the right to shoot and it was directly into the sunlight. My dad who wasn’t wearing Wiley X lost the birds in the sun. I was able to stay on the birds and pull of a couple of shots because I could see them just fine.” Maintaining a clear field of vision helps with accuracy but more importantly in avoiding accidents and injuries while hunting.

The Weekender with CAPTIVATE Polarized Copper lenses are Cara’s go-to glasses for hunting mallards in flooded timber, water fowl near lakes and ponds and while laying on her back in a grass field hunting speckled geese. They also come in handy when it comes to Cara’s passion for wetland and wildlife conservation. CAPTIVATE lenses allow her to easily spot males over females.

  • CAPTIVATE Polarized Copper lenses are perfect for spotting fowl in abundant and watery landscapes.
  • Hunt for pheasants, turkeys, and doves with greater ease in heavily wooded areas. CAPTIVATE lenses evenly distribute colors.
  • CAPTIVATE lenses are changeable with a different lens for days starting bright and sunny then turning cloudy and rainy.
  • Hunters who use corrective lenses can also utilize the benefits of CAPTIVATE lenses, every tint is prescription ready.
  • CAPTIVATE lenses are designed to take a hit. They are virtually indestructible and hold up against blunt force impact at fast speeds.

On the day of the hunt, Cara spends hours navigating through brush, timber, and tall grass. It would all be for nothing if she had trouble staying hidden from view, spotting prey and missing shots. She wears sunglasses with CAPTIVATE lenses for protection, glare reduction and to distinguish the silhouettes and markings of birds with greater ease.