Finding the Solution for Eye Fatigue

Our lives are busy and as a result our eyes can suffer the consequences. Daily, we expose them to numerous endeavors and environments that can cause eye fatigue. This results in headaches, eye discomfort from blurred or double vision, increased sensitivity to light, difficulty with concentration, sore, tired, burning or itching eyes. Being unable to see properly, keep the eyes open or focus is dangerous in any situation. Understanding eye fatigue and taking proactive steps can alleviate these concerns. 


Effects on the Body 

Eyestrain leads to fatigue and affects more than just quality of vision. Eye fatigue can cause the muscles around the face, jaw, eyelids, and temples to clench, causing pain or discomfort. According to the National Eye Institute, without the proper protection, the eyes will not allow light rays reflecting off objects to focus properly. This results in extreme blurriness, impacting performance and alertness.  


Origins of Eye Fatigue 

  • Lighting – Bright light, low light, glare and driving at night; without the proper eyewear, eyes are susceptible to strain any time of day. 
  • Wind and indoor environments with fans or heat and air conditioning circulating, dry out the eyes also causing strain. 
  • Daily Activities – Reading, driving, working on the computer, playing video games, and watching television can induce eyestrain. Spending a significant amount of time doing any activity that requires your eyes to focus in one direction is a major cause of fatigue. Compromised vision as a result of eye fatigue can lead to problems with balance, injury, and bad hand-eye coordination. 
  • Eyewear – One size does not fit all, geometry of the eyewear matters. The shape of a person’s face, nose, cheekbones, and the distance in between their pupils have direct effects on vision. When the frames and lenses do not align perfectly with the eyes, the brain and eyes work overtime to correct the misalignment. When glasses fit perfectly, the focal point is optimized. Scratches, scuffs, or dings in eyewear also cause the eyes to work harder than usual. The eyes strain to see through the damaged areas which does not allow them to rest.  

Beating Fatigue 

Anti-scratch coatings and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses can minimize the issues that occur with daily wear. Color correcting polarized lenses reduces reflection from glare and brightness, allowing the eyes to rest more frequently. Grey lenses are a great all-purpose lens with a track record in fighting fatigue.  


Overworking your eyes increases the possibility of ocular fatigue and distortion. Less stress on the eyes means increased comfort and energy. It is possible to avoid these eye-related issues by wearing eyewear designed to fit each person properly. High-quality eyewear is created to establish and maintain optimum focus and fit. In addition, the frame directly contributes to comfort and clarity. Selecting superior sunglasses and eyeglasses provides the best opportunity for optical precision. Wiley X was founded on a commitment to protect, and we apply the same uncompromising spirit to building each Wiley X lens for optimal clarity. All of our lenses are ANSI-rated, ensuring crisper, clearer optics, enhanced color contrast, minimized distortion and accuracy of vision. Wiley X continues to innovate, tirelessly improving and developing technologies to provide unmatched clarity in every lens we build.