Protecting Search and Rescue Teams

Rescue workers and emergency responders are the first to arrive on the scene following a catastrophe. They often find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, dangerous conditions, or extreme weather conditions. Time is of the essence for Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel so being equipped with the right gear is essential for a successful mission. Critical to everyone’s safety is the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that SAR teams utilize to minimize risks and aid performance.

Without high-quality PPE, SAR teams risk suffering an injury themselves. An injury to a SAR member deflects care resources away from victims and may delay or even jeopardize the mission altogether. Disasters and emergency situations create treacherous scenarios that SAR teams must navigate safely. Teams need to protect their eyes from any number of airborne irritants including dust, gases, debris, and liquids. In addition, the risk direct impacts from falling or flying materials like wood, glass, metals, and stones. Lacerations to the eye, corneal abrasions and black eyes are the most common injuries suffered by emergency response and recovery workers during these events.   

Developing a comprehensive plan for PPE is critical to ensure teams are protected and prepared for every situation. Protective eyewear needs to be ANSI-rated, ensuring the highest level of eye safety from high-mass and high-velocity impacts. High-wrap frames provide additional protection from side penetrations. Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses ensure that the eyes are protected from direct impacts. Scratch-resistant coatings aid in maintaining optimal clarity and visibility. Accessories such as a removeable facial seal and side shields provide 360-degree protection between the frames and face. Finally, ANSI-rated optics reduce eyestrain while providing distortion-free visibility.

SAR workers need high-quality PPE to perform at their best. Compromised eyewear creates unnecessary risks for the SAR teams and the victims they are sent to help. Whether they are searching from the air, sea or land or climbing through debris, protective eyewear is critical to completing the mission safely and efficiently. Learn more about premium eyewear and first responders.