We prioritize protection, optical precision, durability, and fit—employing the most advanced technologies available in order to meet or surpass industry standards for safety and distortion-free clarity.

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Wiley x has a line of polarized sunglasses for women which enhance clarity, improve contrast, and work to reduce glare. This gives the wearer a sharper and more comfortable view in their day-to-day activities. Wiley X sunglasses prioritize durability, protection, optical precision, and most of all, fit. Keeping your eyes protected, however, doesn’t have to sacrifice great style. WX polarized sunglasses for women utilize the most advanced and latest technologies available to meet or surpass the present industry standards.

Wiley X polarized sunglasses for women are ideal both for distortion-free clarity and of course for safety. Wiley X polarized sunglasses for women utilize high performance lenses that block glare and come in a variety of colors for situation-specific needs. They are exceptionally clear, are shatterproof and ANSI Z87.1+ rated, and they provide premium protection.

Wiley X has created our polarized sunglasses for women to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, while also providing the stylish look you desire. Polarized sunglasses for women are perfect for a variety of activities including work, leisure, sporting, and outdoors. It is vital to protect your eyes, especially while driving and working. Polarized sunglasses are a great choice across all of these areas.


Polarized sunglasses for women utilize a thin chemical film on the lenses. This type of film is designed to filter out the horizontal light, which is the type of light that is reflected off of surfaces. In addition, vertical light is simultaneously allowed to pass through the treated lens so that you still get a crisp and clear view of what is happening around you. Wiley X provides a number of different tints and colors that you can choose from. These different tints and colors can help to filter out various levels of light and are suitable for different environments.


While fantastic for day-to-day activities, polarized sunglasses for women are key for both sporting and leisure activities as well. Cycling, sporting, outdoor activities, all of these benefit from having the greatest and most advanced protection for your eyes. Sportspersons in all different fields prefer to wear sunglasses for eye protection as well as for increased performance. The design, type, and lens color of polarized sunglasses can vary according to the type of sports and their uses. Because of this, one should choose sunglasses according to their purpose.

Women who enjoy the outdoors should choose polarized sunglasses that suit their purposes. Polarized sunglasses for women are ideal for a number of uses. Polarized women’s sunglasses are necessary for the outdoors for several reasons. Wiley X polarized sunglasses work to cut glare as well as to guard your eyes from sunlight, eye burn, and from harmful UV rays. In addition to these reasons, Polarized Sunglasses for women enhance your clarity of vision, block reflection of light, and provide a soothing effect for your eyes.


The color of the lens plays an important role in the case of Sporting Eyewear and polarized glasses. The popular colors in polarized glasses for women include blue, amber, green, vermilion, copper, gold, and yellow. The lenses of polarized glasses for women are mirrored in order to provide greater visual clarity and to lessen eye strain. Copper, blue, and green lenses are often the most desired for polarized sunglasses for women. Wiley X Polarized sunglasses for women also provide a perfect fit and all-day comfort.


Exposure to wind can damage the eyes as well during work, leisure activities, sports, or time outdoors. Because of this, wind protection glasses are used by cyclists, workers, sports persons, and others, with polarized glasses being a great choice as well for this type of protection. The best types of wind protection glasses are close-fitting wraparound glasses with a windproof gasket, giving you polarized protection from the sun and wind at the same time. Polycarbonate lenses are good for these types of glasses.