Wiley X creates the world’s most precise and impact-resistant lenses for our frames. Our proprietary Digiforce™ technology digitally maps your prescription to fit your frame selection and unique facial measurements. The result is a custom set of eyewear that produces crisp details, enhanced clarity and minimized distortion.

The reliable innovative technology you expect from Wiley X sunglasses is also found in our prescription eyeglasses.

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  1. WX Gamer, Front Left Side, Matte Black and Dark Silver
    WX Gamer
  2. WX Profile Eyeglasses Matte Black Frames
    WX Profile
  3. WX Contour
    WX Contour
  4. WX Epic Eyeglasses Matte Black Frames
    WX Epic
  5. WX Judge, Front Left Side, Matte Black
    WX Judge
  6. WorkSight WX Axis Eyeglasses
    WX Axis
  7. WX Propulsion
    WX Propulsion
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