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Becky YackleyBecky YackleyBecky Yackley


Becky Yackley grew up around guns. Her father was a gunsmith for Krieger Barrels for 30 years. She would join him at shooting matches and watched as her father interacted with the participants. Her father enjoyed his work and stayed busy at these competitions, fitting new barrels on the rifles of the competitors. Guns were a staple in her household. Her family frequently hunted. “Shooting played a big role in my upbringing, my childhood, high school and college,” Becky says. She received a scholarship to compete in NCAA collegiate air rifle and pistol. On that college shooting team is where she met her husband. “My life would be so different without competitive target shooting.”

Becky started participating in shooting competitions in 1989. She holds the Ladies Metallic Division national record on all 4 Bianchi pistol events. Becky is the 2020 IPSC Rifle World Shoot Ladies’ Open winner. She has represented the US on the world stage in rifle and shotgun.

Her exposure to firearms at a young age led Becky to inspire others to take part. Her sons also grew up learning the proper handling of firearms and compete across the planet both solo and with their parents on the “Yackley Five” team. They compete in upwards of 30 shooting matches a year. She started 2A Heritage a nonprofit junior MGM 3-Gun shooting camp that opened in 2012. “I’m passionate about helping kids who might not otherwise been able to compete, gain experience and some coaching so they can start their journey.”

Becky is an advocate and activist in defense of the 2nd amendment. She continues to compete and shares her experiences with other as a writer for Winchester Ammunition, Gun World Magazine, Guns America and Women’s Outdoor News.




Portage, WI


  • 2021 Ladies Bianchi Cup National Champion

  • 3 time Ladies Bianchi Metallic National Champion

  • 2018 Ladies Bianchi Metallic World Champion 

  • 2015 & 2018 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot - Gold Medal Team

  • 2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot - Gold Medal Team

  • 5 National records Bianchi Pistol 


Photography and gardening





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