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At the age of 19, Rob earned a world record for catching a Florida Gar, weighing in at over 24 pounds. But its not just fishing he’s great at, he excels at everything he does. Rob has won awards for freshwater and saltwater catches with the International Game Fish Association, for his marketing efforts and his marine art. Rob’s fans can follow him around places like Louisiana, the Bahamas, Canada, and Nantucket, to discover different species of fish and other marine life. His catches are featured on his YouTube channel, Rob Fishes the World.

Preparation is massive part of Rob’s journey. He does research before any excursion, including planning time at local fisheries during vacations. “The best fisherman in the world live in the places I visit,” says Rob. “Every technique is different and to me that’s part of the excitement. It’s a never-ending evolving journey.” His passion for fishing drives him to experience as many forms of the sport as possible, wherever the road takes him.

Occasionally, Rob will offer guide services. “I like taking people who've never fished and giving them the experience of catching their first fish or catching the biggest fish,” he says. “To me it's all about the experience.” One of his most memorable moments is sharing a day on the water with 43-year-old man with down syndrome. Rob taught him to walk the dog on topwater and shared in the excitement of the chaos and commotion of reeling in the fish. “I live for that on the water,” he says. Years later, the memories from that day continue to bring him joy.



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