Product Information

Which Wiley X models meet the ANSI Z871.-2010 Safety Standards and are OSHA approved?

We take great pride in the fact that ALL of our Wiley X performance eyewear (except Youth Force™, which meets ASTM F803) meets the American National Standards Institute requirement (ANSI Z87.1) for High Mass Impact/High Velocity and Optical standards, and is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Furthermore, as a global company, nearly all Wiley X models are certified to the European Standard for safety, EN 166.

Are there different levels of ANSI Safety Standards?

Yes, there are different levels of ANSI safety standards; however, all of our WX performance eyewear (except Youth Force™, which meets ASTM F803) meet the highest American National Standards Institute requirements for High Mass Impact/High Velocity and Optical standards.

Which Wiley X models meet the U.S. military’s VO Ballistic Impact Standards?

As a veteran founded company, we understand the importance of protecting our military, law enforcement, and first responders. Select Wiley X products meet MIL-PRF-32432(GL) VO Ballistic Impact standards for spectacle and goggles.

Warranty Information

Can my scratched lenses be buffed out?

Sorry, lenses cannot be buffed. Buffing would damage and distort the clarity of the lens.

What is the turnaround time to get my glasses returned?

Warranties are typically processed and shipped within 7-10 business days from receipt of product. The transit time will vary depending on destination.

What if my Wiley X product has been discontinued?

If your original WX eyewear style has been discontinued and is no longer available, and/or not repairable, we will replace with a comparable WX product.

General Information

how can I become a Wiley X dealer?

We welcome partners who are interested in actively promoting and selling our products. Please contact our Customer Support team and we will forward your request to the appropriate sales department.

Will Wiley X donate to my charity or event?

Wiley X contributes to many 501(c)(3) non-profit, charity, and fundraising events that support our brand direction while supporting the well being of our communities and organizations. Please email all donation inquiries and charity details to Customer Support for consideration.


Can I order prescription Wiley X lenses from any Wiley X dealer?

Yes. All authorized Wiley X dealers have the ability to order Wiley X prescription lenses directly through our WX lab. Please refer to our Dealer Locator for a dealer near you..

Will Wiley X interchangeable models still be interchangeable with prescription lenses?

The only models that are no longer interchangeable after a prescription are the WX Valor and WX Saint.

Is my prescription Wiley X covered under warranty if filled by my local optician?

Wiley X prescription warranties must be handled through the local retailer or dispensing optician from the original place of purchase. Wiley X prescription lenses and frames are warranted for 24 months/2-years as long as Wiley X or an “authorized” WX lab dispensed the original prescription. Warranty is VOID on prescriptions filled by any “non-authorized” lab.

If you don't see an answer to your question above, please reach out to our customer care team at (800) 776-7842 or email us at info@wileyx.com